Suga says G-7 leaders gave unanimous support for holding Olympics this summer


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Look at the SCIENCE of covid-19, not WHO supports the Olympics..

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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Saturday Group of Seven leaders gave unanimous support for his bid to hold the Tokyo Olympics this summer

Support in internal discussion during G7 meeting not a public statement from each G7 leader.

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Suga says it is IOC which decide to open Olympics or not. On the other hand, he says Japan earnestly wants to hold the Olympics while majority of the population want the Olympics cancelled or postponed. I am puzzled.

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There will a point in time soon when it will be too late to cancel, for political and logistical reasons, etc., even if the science says it must be cancelled or very radically scaled back for the sake of public health. This is going to be interesting.

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Right. Suga Says. Who cares what Suga Says? Use your own brain. Suga. Right....

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I want to hear it from their mouths, not his!

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Unless the "unanimous support" means they will give Japan the vaccines and infrastructure to deliver them to the whole population before the games begin that is as useful as getting "thoughts and prayers".

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Wouldn't it be better to delay the Olympics until September, if indeed Japan is to have it at all ? The situation would at last be better then. July is still too soon.

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most likely there was a misunderstanding.

Suga cannot speak English, and something was lost on thr translation.

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Suga says, Abe says, they seem to be unaware that what they say is usless Someone has to tell them action speeks louder than words

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Support = "sure dude, you want to throw good money after bad and risk virus spread? No skin off our backs"

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So? They don't live here do they? They don't pay taxes here do they?

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At this point everyone in Government needs to stop flapping their gums about the stupid games and get on with rolling out vaccinations speedily and efficiently . That's it. That's the task at hand.

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Suga says G-7 leaders gave unanimous support for holding Olympics this summer

Yeah, sure. OK. Whatever. Who cares. ( not their problem anyway, ( Suga, open your eyes ) )


what about THE PEOPLE.

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Most likely, the kind of meeting were nobody will go against. Does not mean they approve but stay polite by giving their support

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They can support it all they want but if the situation remains the same before the big event, there will be no Olympics.

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@beentofivecontinents, excellent idea but it makes too much sense for the greedy IOC which is beholden to US TV contracts.

the cut off date is coming soon as the torch relay starts next month. I fear we Tokyo residents are stuck with these cursed games.

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Suga economical with facts. G7 dudes not in opposition to Olympics provided Japan can deliver on its promises.

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Empty statements. If G-7 leaders don't send any athlete to the Games, then it is no. We don't need words from their mouths to confirm anything.

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Has this statement been confirmed?

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Sure they did.

The Olympics should go ahead, and life needs to resume back to normal as soon as possible after that.

Yes, they need to go ahead.

After the pandemic has ended.

Not a moment before.

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Polite support is meaningless.


said it best - delay the games until everyone has been vaccinated or let’s just pull the bandaid off in one swoop and cancel this nonsense.


I do believe they want to keep

pushing ahead with this until it is logistical too late to cancel it. Very well said!

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Ha! It's easy to say (in private) they support the Olympics when they don't have to hold it in their country! They're not the ones who are going to suffer financially or risk worsening the pandemic, or deal with nightmarish logistics. They probably said 'Good luck!' too.

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