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Japan protests presence of Chinese military ship in waters near disputed islands


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They are halfway between Okinawa and Taiwan.

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It sounds like a good reason to protest.

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First fishing boats and coast guard ships, then a frigate and submarine. Wait till China sends one of their aircraft carriers. Then what?

(By the way, how far are these islands from Okinawa?)

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It was sad that Noda, one of first Japanese student delegation visiting China, nationalized the private land. Japan was tricked.

Abe, on the other hand, the first Japanese PM proposed strategic mutual beneficial relationship with China, couldn't handle the situation with strategic beneficial way. Japan was played.

Abe, calm and firm are all good, but you also need independent policy and wisdom.

Abe has to be firm in maintaining golden 3000 years relationship with China.

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Stay calm, but firm, Japan!! Chinese will use every opening. Don't give them any.

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There have been Chinese ‘fishing’ boats and coastguard ships so far.

This frigate and the submarine (now known to have been Chinese, but hard to tell when it was underwater) are the first military vessels to sail so close to these islands, a clear escalation for 2018 and an indication that China will be pushing this to a confrontation or if unopposed, a de facto conclusion.

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Those waters were international waters and they were practice their navigation freedom in high seas! I don't understand what a profound reason does japan is blaming!

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 a Chinese military vessel was detected in waters

Why don't you say "a Chinese submarine was detected by Japan"?  LOL

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Much of the rhetoric’s coming out of China seems ridiculous at first. But they are stubbornly following a plan confident that who ever can show the most resolve will eventually win. Terra forming the geopolitical field.

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They were in international waters. Abe needs something to threaten Japanese into changing the constitution so he can go to war

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Japan made huge mistake to provoke the red dragon by nationalization of private lands. Japan should remedy it with good will, or will be too late. Abe should use wisdom to deal with the problem, though he isn't the one to make the trouble.

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Build something on the Senkakus. Anything. China is now bringing in the PLAN instead of their Coast Guard. No reason JMSDF and even US 7th Fleet shouldn't be patrolling those waters.

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Use it or lose it. They play the same game in Doklam. While on the surface that confrontation between India & China was resolved diplomatically by China cancelling its road building leading directly to the site, all that has resulted is road building slightly further afield, not far. Not to mention new helipads and now what appears to be a permanent camp of around 1600 Chinese soldiers in the area. They have essentially stolen that territory from Bhutan just by camping out there.

Use is ownership in China's eyes. Never make the mistake of retreating from the Senkaku islands if you actually intend on keeping them as part of Japanese territory. You need around the clock 24/7 patrols ideally, even if the vessels are relatively modest, you must maintain a permanent presence.

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