Japan to propose new framework to discuss trade with U.S.: Nikkei

By Leika Kihara

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Trump should just go to tariffs straight away. Get results the remove tariffs

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TPP was a long not agreeable discussion trade issues between Japan-USA, and now, Trump to demand renegotiating terms of FTA together (?) it won't change anything to better but to worsen terms to Japan. Go first to talk FTA and avoid TPP discussion, only waste time of "papers to be rubbish"...

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TPP is not free trade, these TPP countries have many hidden trade barriers that are detrimental to America for truly free trade.

Trump most stay the course and demand a bilateral, one on one, trade agreement with Japan. Japan does not want to do this. Japan has bilateral trade agreements with other countries.

What is Japan afraid of?

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What is Japan afraid of?

Who says they are afraid? But America has been going on about 'America first', and threatening hostile action against Japan with tariffs, so there is no motivation whatsoever for Japan to want to make a bilateral trade agreement with America. They are better off focusing their efforts on trade with other countries. It's a big world out there. America may have the biggest economy, but it's only a small piece of the world economy.

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Between the USA and Japan, there are two bones of economic contention: Autos and Agriculture. Let us look at agriculture first.

There is no doubt that the agriculture industry in Japan is protected and that farmers are a huge voice in Japan. The JA is one of the most powerful political forces in Japan. Shinzo Abe showed a lot of courage in taking on the JA to get the TPP passed in the Diet. But as you know, Trump pulled the US out of the TPP. So if the USA really wants access to Japan's agriculture market, Trump should come back to TPP.

As for autos, the auto industry to the US is what the agriculture industry is to Japan, an inefficient but politically important industry. It is time for the USA to come to terms with reality and admit that the US auto industry is a zombie. There are three auto firms in the US: GM, Chrysler, Ford. GM and Chrysler were bailed out. Chrysler is owned by Fiat, so it really isn't American. Ford? What a joke. Ford's best cars-the Fusion and the Fiesta-are from Mazda. Can GM, FCA, Ford really compete and win against Toyota et.al in Japan when they can't compete against them in the US?

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Japan has been running a huge trade surplus annually with the U. S. for many years. This Japan is afraid of losing with a bilateral trade agreement that would dismantle trade barriers now in place.

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