Kremlin says idea of Putin-Trump meeting at G20 in Japan up in air

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By Maria Tsvetkova and Andrew Osborn

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The Kremlin said on Tuesday that a U.S. idea for President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet at a meeting of the G20 in Japan later this month was hanging in the air and that there were no discussions on specifics yet.

Of course that's what the Kremlin said - they also said they didn't interfere in the US election...

Putin no doubt will meet with Trump and give him a long list of things to do - continue to make the US a laughing stock in the world stage decreasing its influence, continue to insults allies and friends to weaken the Western Alliance, and continue to cause chaos in western economic markets. Then they'll have to talk about all the help Putin will give him in the 2020 election.

And Donnie will no doubt bow down and kneel before his Master and promise to do everything - he may even throw in a "mark my words, mark my words"....

Bet they'll be no US interpreter in the room just like last time...

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