Putin links Japan peace treaty to Tokyo's alliances

By Denis Pinchuk

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So........side with the West, and we will no longer subtly manipulate you and string you along with empty promises. We will just directly crush you and tell you 'NO'.

I get it now.

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Tokyo alliances???? You guys are allied with North friggin Korea!

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japan has to stop being influenced and start standing on its own two feet.

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Looks to me that Putin is inviting anything that can be of benefit to Russia, development of the islands, tourism. whatever right now. But any consideration of a Peace Treaty requires the United States to pull out of Japan and Japan to entirely and realign it's alliances.

The United States occupied Japan until 1952 and Okinawa until 1972. In costrast the USSR/Russia invaded these four islands AFTER Japan had declared surrender.

Who should Japan trust?

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Abe administration to fail again when Abe had high rank popularity, a diplomatic Japan-Russia wa held between Putin/Abe and Putin offered an idea to give back 2 territories to Japan but Abe administration insisted the 4 territories to be taken back, at once. Another diplomatic table of long-term resolution won't make any resolution as Abe once failed, those unsolved 4 territories as it is, made much complicated table to Japan's side.

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Hey Russia, drop those 19th centurey land grabbings and get into 21st century. Lets alliance, not annex.

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Russia want to sell its oil and mineral to Japan?

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The idea that Putin has anything good planned for Japan is laughable.

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