Russia rejects Japan's protests over military build-up on disputed islands


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Oh, boy! Is this why Japan wants to change its pacifist constitution? Surely these two playground brats can come to some sort of political agreement.

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Japan said in July it had asked Russia to reduce its military activity on the islands.

That's telling them dammit. Nice show of strength Abe. He called Putin. Telephone tough guy

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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the deployment of Russian warplanes on one of the islands in February, accelerating the area's militarisation at a time when Moscow’s ties with Tokyo are strained over the roll-out of the Aegis U.S. missile system.

Thats how it is....Japan ignores Russia and goes ahead with the Aegis ( as it pleases Dony ) and Russia ignores Japan and goes ahead with militarization of its territory as well ( and yeah...the islands are Russian now , lets ' move on from the past ' as certain posters like to say when it comes to WW2 issues ).

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Russian political diplomatic moves include poison, radiation, outright invasion so unless you're willing to poke the bear....have a big stick.

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I'm guessing they'll still be arguing over these islands 20 years from now.

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The Russians has done nothing wrong, there four islands were Russian soil and if Japan wants peace treaty must accept the facts of Russian military presence!

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Didn’t abe boost he was getting the islands back soon? Now he has the power of Australia behind him, he say the same thing about those Chinese islands.

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Now he has the power of Australia behind him, he say the same thing about those Chinese islands.

lol, yeah we can supply our 5 boats ;) its comical isn't it.

I can understand that Russia probably doesn't like having Aegis in Japan but they also have to understand with Aegis is there and its not primarily due to Russia or to annoy Russia. Its aimed at a still rogue North Korea, a hostile North & South Korea primarily.

Ultimately when you have two nuclear powers, China and Russia, flexing their muscle near your territory it gives Abe all the ammunition he needs to renounce Article 9 and potentially go nuclear down the track.

A reinvigorated conventional Japanese military and a rebuilding European defense is not something Russia can cope with on conventional grounds.

Or is that the idea? Putin already knows that its just a matter of time before Japan re-arms. He is probably right. So best get in now.

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Russia never returns anything unless your under its influence. It gave Crimea back to Ukraine when the Ukraine was part of the USSR. It has now taken it back. Russia will never agree to voluntarily return these Islands to Japan.

With the Russians bringing their high tech Navy, Air force and Missiles literally to Japans door step, with China building its blue water capabilities and power projection, Japan is being squeezed. Now is indeed the time to revisit article 9 and take the chains off. If Japan does not stand up in the near future it will be on its kness for the next century or two at least. Japan will be in the hot seat and needs all the allies it can get. Allies wont fight for Japan but they will fight along side Japan.

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I blame Japan for this since for years, they have neglected to put a joint base of US and Japan Self Defense forces on those islands when they had a much better chance and failed to take action.

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elephant200, quote: "there (sic) four islands were Russian soil..."

Then why are there Japanese villages with Japanese family graves there? My guess is that they were NOT Russian soil.

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