Japan hopes to draft G7 statement on China security legislation on Hong Kong

By Yoshifumi Takemoto and Elaine Lies

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I don't see them backing down on Hong Kong. The one party two system was temporary to begin with. What they signed with Britain in the 90s giving Hong Kong more freedom would only be valid legally until 2050.

Taiwan we should help, it's not under CCP rule and they are pro-Japan. I'm in favor of helping them.

I don't feel the same way about Hong Kong, several years ago protesters from that city landed on the Senkaku Islands, with signs saying it belongs to China, they care about those Islands belonging to China.

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"Japan hopes to draft a joint statement on China's new security legislation on Hong Kong at the next Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers' meeting, a Japanese government source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday".

Really ? Who is this official ? Abe must clarify his "government source," and if the leak lied, jail term must be served.

HK is China's HK, none of Japan's business. If Japan opens the Pandora's box, then don't blame China for interfering Japanese business in future.

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There were many who criticized JP Gov't according to the FAKE news above.

Are they going to reflect on their bias?

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About Hong Kong:

USA: blah blah blah blah.........BLAH!

UK:    Blah, blah!

E.U:   Blah?

Japan: Lets make a conclsion abot "Blahs" on paper.....!

China: Hahahhahahhaa!

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I'm sure the CCP will be very scared of this joint statement.

Joke aside, in China's case, actions speak louder than words, so for countries like Japan, better say little while quietly undermining the CCP economically.

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Japan opts not to join U.S., others in criticizing China for Hong Kong law

June 7 04:04 pm JST 76 Comments

Japan hopes to draft G7 statement on China security legislation on Hong Kong

Today 06:00 am JST 5 Comments

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