U.S.'s North Korea envoy to visit Japan, S Korea next week

By David Brunnstrom

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S. Korea must be so bothered by this news. Their policy and wishes is to keep Japan out!

They dont want Japan to be included, even in the liberation speech they mentioned this several times.

I recommend more people listen to S. Korea liberation speech and not just the title on articles.

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Moon has started a war with Japan in every which way except actual military conflict, And he even came close to that too. The sheer stupidity of the Moon administration to think that any efforts to unite the Koreas, or to engage in a military conflict with NK can be done without Japan's cooperation and support is mind boggling.

While SK has a clear value to the US, mainly as a "tripwire", Moon's actions regarding THAAD and his war against Japan are resonating loud and clear to the United States. And perhaps that's what Moon ks aiming for, a complete withdrawl of US forces from SK to make Kim Jong Un happy. Trump has frequently twittered about removing US forces from SK to "save money".

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Why "never"? I can see in future a reunification under the same model of China and Hong Kong, except if you think the US and China will have a new military clash for the full control of the peninsula. In any case, this "new Country" will be a Country hostile to Japan as both the current Koreas are. South Koreans never learned or admitted Japanese role in their development. There's no way Korean population will be able to see Japan in a friendly way, no matter how many money Japan invests in the peninsula. This strategy already failed. Their mindest always remains stuck in the "We'll never lose to Japan again". In the collective imaginary, Japan has always been portrayed in South Korea like the Country that only humiliated, attacked and destroyed Korea for centuries. They never see any positive influence that Japan has had in their development after WWII. This is their biased mindest, and they learn this rethoric since they are children. Reading South Korean newspapers can give you a good idea of the general situation, and it makes you feel a bit uneasy, especially if you are from a European Country, since here any similar emotional rethoric towards another Country would be seen like extreme right wing propaganda.

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The US obviously hope for a Korean reunification under American influence, and they want Japan can fuel money in the Korean peninsula for this project, exactly like it forced Japan to sponsor South Korea's development in anti-communist function. The result for Japan has been to create a middle sized economic powerhouse extremely hostile to it. America can't force Japan in the same mistake. Do you want the reunification of the Korean peninsula? Make that by yourself, without using Japanese money. It's stupid for Japan helping the growth of an enemy Country. Both the Koreas are already in Chinese hands anyway.

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They may be the same country, but they’ll never unite as one country - never !

will Kim Jon forego his luxurious lifestyle & give up his dictatorship for democratic elections !?

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The US want to force this alliance to keep their role in this region, but South Korea and North Korea are actually the same Country, that is waiting for reunification to face a common enemy: Japan. It's useless that the US want to force the South Koreans to see Japanese as allies, it never worked and it will never work. South Korea identify has been built up on their anti-Japanese feelings, not on their anti-North Korean feelings. Washington can't ignore the truth.

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