G-20 promises no let-up in stimulus, sees tax deal by summer

By Gavin Jones and Jan Strupczewski

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The Italian presidency of the G-20 group of the world's top economies said the gathering of finance chiefs had pledged to work more closely to accelerate a still fragile and uneven recovery.

Nice euphemism but the "recovery" is "uneven" because of helicoptering money into financials while the public is left , again, with the scarce trickle down.

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yo banksters!

we're still waiting on our "fiscal and monetary support" down here in the day-to-day working world.

When your banquet is over, throw us a bone, will ya?

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This Pandora’s box of shielding the global corporations while bleeding the small ones to pay for ever smaller social nets,

can it be reversed?

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a global effective minimum tax.

"This is a giant step forward," Scholz said.

How about a minimum of zero?

giving more taxes to these disaster politicians is not step forward.

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