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From left: Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. President Donald Trump, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, France's President Emmanuel Macron, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May attend the G7 summit in Taormina, Sicily, on Saturday. Image: Reuters

G7 leaders divided on climate change, closer on trade issues


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Who will Trump shove aside to be centered in the photo while following from behind on policy?

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The climate accord should include a reduction in tritium waste from nuclear reactors as tritium waste has been linked to global warming. Reactor waste water is a hazard altogether..

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she (Merkel) convinced the then U.S. President George W Bush to pursue substantial cuts in greenhouse gases.

Bush, the scion of an oil based fortune, had more sense than Trump, who's living in the gas guzzling, big polluting, oversized car (Yank tanks or seppos as the Aussies say about the cars - and the people) days of the 1950's. He's appointed oil-igarchs from big energy to his admin; he doesn't care a monkey's about greenhouse gases. Trump told Merkel he doesn't see Chevrolets in Germany, which is rich coming from a man who owns a fleet of Rolls Royces and Mercedes. He's riding in taxpayer funded American cars now, maybe the first he's ever been in.

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Trump is probably the greatest threat to world peace and prosperity at the moment.

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Trump is a business man having same way to think in the past. It seems that he doesn't fit to such a summit at all.

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Trump looks as if he could eat everybody else.

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G7 leaders are not "divided" on climate change. Only one of them, the one with the fattest, um, I mean largest body among them, denies climate change.

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Trump is a Rep and they generally only care about the environment if it does not directly effect their profits. The bigger problem is how they earn their profits, which is generally by destroying the very land we and others live on, the water we drink and the air we breath. 

I remember when then President Carter had put solar panels on the roof of the White House and how he did a lot to promote conserving energy. But as soon as then President Reagan came to office, he took them down to show his love for oil and anything not for the environment.

Even if Trump does agree to the Paris Agreement (which I doubt), he will do everything he can to either minimize it for himself, if not screw it up entirely for everyone else. I really do hope the rest of the G7 continue with out us, if it has to come to that and also sour the pot for any future deals with us as punishment. As we do to others for not going by our views, wants and desires, have it done to us.

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This site is becoming an echo chamber with the majority of posters competing to see who can hate Trump the most without even considering his positions.

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This site is becoming an echo chamber with the majority of posters competing to see who can hate Trump the most without even considering his positions.

Not really. It's just that his positions more often than not are immediately recognizable as being simplistic, one-dimensional, and would be more destructive than positive if they were to be implemented.

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US President Donald Trump is right in calling global warming 'a hoax' because whatever be the sacrifices and steps taken by the present generation, it will all dissipate into thin air, especially with the likelihood of a doubling of the world population in less than a century! So, instead of attempting to tame nature, focus on gradual control and possible reduction of population across the world!

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Trump arrives at his conclusion WITHOUT ANY FACTS WHATSOEVER. He cannot handle SCIENCE.

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"This site is becoming an echo chamber with the majority of posters competing to see who can hate Trump the most without even considering his positions."

Actually when I first came here I thought it was all just Reps vs Dems. Almost every arguement boiled down to that, even when it had nothing at all to do with the US what so ever. I even tried to break up an arguement or two and even complained to the mods.

But what I am finding more likely is that most Dems and some Reps realize Trump is not good for this country and apparently not the world either. And the longer he stays in office the more others will realize it too.

[Europe can no longer "completely depend" on the US and UK following the election of President Trump and Brexit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says.]

Let's hope they keep with that as long as Trump is determined to screw everyone over, even the majority of the American public.

And to be fair, if another president, even a Dem, did something I did not agree with I would state my displeasure as well and admit when something is not right no matter who I am backing at the time. It is just there has not been this big of a joke on America and the rest of the world in a while.

But it is clear there are blind Trump haters and blind Trump lovers here. Those who can not see any good in the man or any wrong. And that is quite sad either way you look at it.

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