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Pence kicks off Japan talks, seeking to boost trade

By Roberta Rampton and Minami Funakoshi

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Don't you mean to further pad the pockets of the Toddler-in-Chief ?

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Is Abe super tall, or is Pence small?

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Abe is about six feet. In Florida, he was taller than other golfer guests.

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Both Mike Pence and Shinzo Abe are the same height - 5ft 9in. And while we're at it, Xi Jing Ping is 5ft 11in. Donald Trump is 6ft 2in. And Obama was 6ft 1in. Vladimir Putin is 5ft 6in but all muscle.

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They will talk the new Trump slogan that insist make in USA by American workers.

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If the US invested more of its tax revenue into other industries other than defence then America would be much better off.

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Trump says Buy American hire American. But Japan inc are not worrying Trump. said them American Industry.

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"Japan had a $69 billion trade surplus with the United States last year, the U.S. Treasury Department said, expressing concern over what it called the "persistence" of the imbalance. Japanese officials counter that Tokyo accounts for a much smaller chunk of America's deficit than in the past, while China's imbalance is much bigger."

They are correct. US Trade deficit with Japan (69 Billion) plus Germany (65 Billion) plus Mexico (63 Billion) all together do not add up to China's whopping 347 Billion.

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