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2 LDP heavyweights to be advised to leave party over funds scandal


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Now I can see why the ordinary Japanese are ignored by politicians here.

The benefit is for those that are able to donate large sums of money!

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Seems like a coup against the Abe faction…

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Seems to be bigger punishments than I expected, but appearances can be deceptive. Would it be permanent exclusions or a short period out in the cold?

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It's like reading Kimetsu no Yaiba manga. The level of punishment is similar as to how Muzan punishes the demons with different levels of evilness.

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"To Be Advised " !??

So if an ordinary citizen breaks the law they get prosecuted, and when a law maker does he or she gets ADVISED!? I like that!!

Got an Idea, Why don't we just have Two sets of laws, one for the Privileged and the Elites, and one or everyone else so at least we know what to expect and it's all public knowledge.

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Kishida has said that he would not be subject to penalties given that his faction, unlike the Abe and Nikai groups, failed to properly report part of party revenue but did not pass back money to its members.

" We are not guilty since the money was hoarded internally and not distributed to members".

Despite violating tax laws that would get the ordinary citizen's assets seized or them jailed.

Kishida basically summed up the LDP/japan Inc. combine modus operandi.

Sad that this will basically just be glossed over by the J. public.

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It's a moot point, but seeing as Shinzo Abe was the previous head of the Abe faction, I wonder - if he were still alive - if he'd have been "requested to leave the LDP"?

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Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party is to advise two heavyweights of its biggest faction to leave the party

what exactly is an “LDP heavyweight?”

someone that takes up the most space in a room?

someone that embezzles the most tax money?

someone who has been rotting in a chair the longest, doing absolutely nothing and getting paid the most for it?

someone that has the biggest mouth?

please explain more.

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So heavyweight they sank to new lows

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