¥20 tril of Japan FY2020 virus stimulus packages yet to be used


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If you think about it now, how silly was the Abenomask program. 2 pieces of child-size mask for all. They probably thought the pandemic would end in 2 weeks. Shows how little ahead this government can see.

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Liberal Democratic Party is considering drawing up another large-scale supplementary budget to finance fresh economic stimulus, apparently looking to win public support ahead of a general election that must be held by November.

There will probably be a lot more profit from the Stupid Games. We definitely want another stimulus package. No matter which stupid party is in charge. We've been under depessing, never-ending SOE for last 3 months, ffs.

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And we’re not going to see any of it

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Purchase more vaccine.

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Well if they didn’t make applications for help so complicated, and who are we kidding actually delivered it within a 6 month time line. Might be of use. My Abe masks are going strong lots of washes and some shrinkage but I can still cover a nostril.

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"¥20 tril of Japan FY2020 virus stimulus packages yet to be used"

In reference to this article:

From what I have learned is, there is money to be had from the Japanese Government, however they do not announce it to the general public [i.e. Internationals] its hidden online among thousands of other forms, and written in Japanese only with a demand that you attach copies of your income detailing your loss to prove you actually need the money to eat.

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Delays in clerical work are believed to lie behind the amount yet to be used.

This because of the truthful fact that most government offices do not even have computers on all desks and there are heaps of files and paperwork everywhere,

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The master prognosticators say it is going more to places like Dentsu than to you, the taxpayer.

Your tax yen at work, what more can you say?

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Story the world over. Governments appropriate money and then don't know how to spend it. so much of it disappears to cronies and in fraud and waste.

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I can bet both my eyes that most of that money if not all will go to special interest groups and large

companies. APA hotel and their right-wing owner will make a fortune for renting out APA hotels

for light covid-cases at who knows what rate may be what the gov't is paying for a single room is

about 10-15 times the normal rate. I suspect the money is already being used, the gov't is paying 17M yen

to private hospitals for each serious case that they take in, 170,000yen per day to doctors for vax giving

shots. I have got zero for my small business after being made to file large chunk of documents and to

add insult to injury I am bombarded with medical insurance and pension payment bills, whether they expect me to steal and pay is what I don't know. Never seen the gov't of a deveoped country that doesn't care at all at all about the people. Heartless indeed.

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We donated vaccines that were purchased with our, taxpayer money. So why not donate this money, which is also our tax money. Helicopter money as helicopter money. No need to make a big deal about it.

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Delays in clerical work are believed to lie behind the amount yet to be used.

That is a terrible excuse, because it should be something contemplated even before the money was approved for use, it may not be simple to solve (who knows maybe it is?) but they have had plenty of opportunity to accelerate the work so people in desperate need of the money to save their ways of living can receive it.

This explains why nobody is obeying the SoE anymore.

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Cut us all a bank transfer for ¥100,000 again.

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The funds will be diverted into other public works projects like roads to nowhere and into private coffers.

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Delays in clerical work are believed to lie behind the amount yet to be used.

Deloitte Tohmatsu are incharge of the screening and are making a fortune in fees

After all they have taken their cut and in no rush to screen and disburse the funds.

It is really a shame, in some countries money is disbursed immediately applications are

filed, here it takes months with very little chance of being approved after providing large

chunk of documents and made to go through hoops and loops. What will it really take for

people to wake up from the deep slumber and vote out these bozos.

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Maybe the stimulus money can provide a bottle of nice sake for every household. This would make up for closing bars early, would benefit sake manufacturers, and would encourage drinking at home.

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@drlucifer, and other with small business filing ridiculous amount of paperwork, I feel for you.

My Japanese pension folder of paper after paper of filing things over and over again is 6cm thick! Yes..6cm!!!

Had to get a new resident paper, the jinmyhyo 5 times because it expires after 3 months.

Finally getting the pension, but still harassed by volumes of new papers wanting to know if I am really me, if I have a resident card, and if I am still living at the same address. I was told if I did not verify my MY NUmber card my pension would be canceled.

I and the wife really feel for you, small business owners. This place is a bureaucratic mess and nobody can use a computer and make databases that cannot be hacked. Very very sad for such a really neat place to live.

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Upon hearing the news that every citizen would receive ¥100,000, I thought to myself that it would be the beginning of 2 to 3 payments. However, I realised that there wasn’t any more payments for me, a taxpayer of decades here. The simple solution I found was just to leave the country and return home…

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Feel sorry for those of us who have already started a business here and cannot get out of it. These people do not deserve your money nor your skills, they don't welcome foreign investment here, be it human resources or plain funds. I strongly recommend all expats in Japan to seriously reconsider their position and where no kids involved just flee the place, it's a scam and Western governments aren't prepared to hold Suga accountable for the numerous instances of double standard policy. My advice to all is not to contribute your experience, skills and capital to this racist place. No fairness, no party !

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Pay the money back and make for early redemption of a chunk of the massive debts that are being racked up.

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The reason I left was because every time the government or the local Tokyo government made some fear inducing pronouncement about the pandemic; my wages dried up.

As egalite succinctly points out, it is not as though Japan really values foreign input.

In fact, it is quite the opposite…

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Pay the money back 

There isn't "money" there. Those numbers are just numbers, like targets. When the govt "pays" stimulus, it simply marks up the accounts of the recipients.

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Some very interesting contributions from posters...thank you to all!

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Delays in clerical work are believed to lie behind the amount yet to be used.

Well I for one, am totally SHOCKED that J-Gov initiatives are being mired in bureaucracy and other clerical mishaps.....

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another 100k please Suga.....direct stimulus that actually worked.....we went out and bought stuff for the house....giving you taxes, keeping people in jobs.....that's what happens when you give from the bottom up instead of the old top down trickle nonsense

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