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65% against Diet passage of foreign worker bill: poll


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Liberal Democratic Party is doing undemocratic things, and that is not a joke.

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Sounds more like “have to pass the bill so you know what is it in” shenanigan.

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Said it before and I'll say it again, 1,035 people do NOT represent 65% for the voters.

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@since. Agree 100% with you. Where are the people who agree? I’ve asked many Japanese about this. Not one person agreed. Although one guy told me he does like going to a Philippine hostess bar.

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And in next week's poll, the question will be 'Are you prepared to clean toilets, work long shifts in factories and farms, receive no health insurance, receive practically no pension payments, receive a salary that will just about pay for your rent and convenience store food, while not seeing your family for a few years?"

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Agree 100% with you. Where are the people who agree? I’ve asked many Japanese about this. Not one person agreed. Although one guy told me he does like going to a Philippine hostess bar.

I work in the manufacturing sector and we’ve been talking about this issue for years.

In my experience, the majority of those who think Japan needs a boost to the labour force by way of immigration see it as a very unfortunate last resort.

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On another topic, some 56.5 percent said they do not support the government's decision to start full-fledged offshore landfill work for the relocation of a U.S. air base within the southern island prefecture of Okinawa given local opposition.

This poll shows some 56.5 percent of the people in mainland Japan are against the government's plan to relocate Futenma to Henoko. The rest, some 43.5 percent, are either for the relocation or completely indifferent to the issue. This is a change from the Mainichi Shimbun's poll conducted in September in which anti-relocation were 42 percent and pro-relocation 33 percent.

The figures are in sharp contrast to polls jointly conducted by The Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa TV Network in August 2015 in Okinawa, in which anti-relocation accounted for 83 percent as against the pro-relocation's 17 percent.

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How thrilling it is to see Japanese style decomcray in action....

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Steamrolling. That’s all the LDP is good at. What other real successful has our Dear Leader had? Want to keep foreigners out? Make babies..lots of them..although a little late for that. Anyway, changing the constitution has priority over your desires, Japan. Gaijins are coming. BTW, where did the exact 345,150 number come from? 150? Someone has nothing else to do than to calculate a number which truly doesn’t exist?

Anyway, gaijins, welcome.

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is the assumption that foreign workers will steal jobs from locals? or drive down wages?

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Neo-liberalism is about doing what's right for rich corporations at the expense of just about everyone else. And this immigration bill has neo-liberalism written all over it.

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Well, here's your problem. Until Japan eases up on its desire to maintain its high-standards at the expense of its population, I hope it enjoys being the 3rd greatest economy along with the ill effects of neglecting the people that made the country that great in the first place.

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Surprise surprise.

Japanese people don’t want more foreigners. Yes, there is a lot of prejudice in Japan, but it is their country and you can’t really blame them for looking at other countries and seeing their cultures ruined by immigration.

On the other hand, foreigners should be under no doubt that they will be treated as second class citizens, especially manual labourers like this. Japan is the last place I would want to go as a manual labourer unless I had no choice.

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The survey contacted 746 randomly selected households with eligible voters and 1,133 mobile phone numbers

So, this survey is based on 2,000 people, half of which have never voted. What a complete waste of time and money!

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The survey contacted 746 randomly selected households with eligible voters and 1,133 mobile phone number

This seems to be not a good size research number of respondents. Should be ideally over 2,000 with a good range of several criteria as geographic distribution, gender, age, etc


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....... until they get old and find that there's not enough workers to take care of them........

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The State must remain firm in reminding these laborers they are temporary, and to only take in as many as felt is needed. Do not make the mistake of allowing them citizenship or allowing them to stay here, if they lose their job they should be deported immediately. Anyone who makes trouble should be deported immediately. Whenever the quota numbers can be lowered, they should be lowered to the lowest amount possible.

We must also discuss the destructive effects of the democratic socialist welfare state. It seemed to be perfection at first, but as its effects and modern societal decline have set in we see that there are many young men who try to avoid work and find alternative ways of living. The west has a problem with young people being "too good" for so called "blue collar" work, an attitude often stuck into their heads by an overly optimistic society, but avoiding work is made possible by these programs which undermine the necessary labor market. It is unfortunate.

Then the liberals say "Let the women work, they will fill in the labor shortage!". Well, guess what? The women were too busy working and making money to have children and raise them, now we have even less workers and and even larger labor shortage than before next generation! Hooray! We dig the pit deeper trying to dig ourselves out. We suffer a demographic crisis all across the west, heavily from liberal anti child, anti family policy, we have made our bed to rot in. More pushing women into work and away from the home will only make the next generation of problems worse!

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This is almost into "ask a stupid question ...." territory.

There is no obvious upside to the average person of poor, uneducated people with different cultures coming to live in Japan. All they will predict is downward pressure on wages and increased crime. The question has to be framed in terms of what will happen if such workers do not come. Which is marginal businesses going under, lots of work remaining undone (don't expect your earthquake damaged house to be demolished and cleaned up anytime soon), and a general fall in prosperity. Without such context, everyone is going to say "iya da!" to foreign workers.

Britain's failure to address immigration in the same way is probably the biggest driving force toward (the self inflicted damage that is) Brexit.

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Polls conducted by media indicate the Abe government's approval rating has fallen several points from previous 47% to 42%. Sources point out two factors effected this falling popularity: forging ahead with (1) passage of the foreign worker bill and (2) starting of land fill at Henoko.

It' reported that LDP lawmekers are beginning to worry about the next national election. 

We, the bulk of voters in Okinawa, naturally wish many of those LDP lawmakers would be doomed to defeat in the coming election.

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