Abe agrees to appear in Diet committee session on favoritism claims


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Providing he is made fully aware of all questions in advance... and treated with the respect he deserves......

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I heard he purposely refused first to accept after, and all was arranged to role that way and be prepared showing a ”good face" of a courageous leader to appear in Diet. That's tricky!

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Good. I expect we will be treated to a display of Abe's haughty disdain for anyone who has the temerity to question his actions. I look forward to his clear explanations, a.k.a. lies.

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...only if ruling party lawmakers are allowed more speaking time than opposition lawmakers.

the loooooooooooong time they had to destroy as much evidenz as possible. We all know its gonna be a Muppet Show for the Media, with more denial & excuses. Or they finally found them a small secretary / officeworker they could use as black sheep ?

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So, he's agreed to show up and lie to their faces. So what? The only thing they can try to do is spin this agreement (after disagreeing) to mean that he is buckling under the weight of his lies and his appearance is an acknowledgement that he has been lying thus far. Won't fly, given the public's inability to remember anything past the current trend of the day, but hey.

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That should be a case for a court.

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It is important that the opposition use the evidence to force Abe to clearly answer the case of his involvement with a Yes / No type question.

In the unlikely event he admits to some extent the meddling by his and Suga's cabinet office, he is guilty. But if as expected, he denies it, he will be guilty of perjury and proper legal proceedings can be mounted against him. The opposition MUST take advantage of this to ensure the Abe cancer and all those who support it are removed from office, prosecuted and imprisoned.

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