Abe apologizes to relatives of leprosy patients for their suffering


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Bbetter late than never

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Agreed. Now let's see the government apologise whole-heartedly, directly, and officially (not watered down) to other groups that suffered under past atrocities.

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Election season must be here,right?

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If the apology is sincere why has it taken this long, and only when a court has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs against the government???

If Abe & cabinet truly thought about the feelings and sufferings of the victims of this injustice they'd have done this years ago.

No it's only about saving face - once again - because, as pointed out by spitfire, the election is nigh.


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Some groups have received over 50 apologizes from several Japanese PM and they say it never happened. Let's not talk about that. Facts are a problem on here.

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between 1907 and 1996 are they joking? So 90 years of segregation? Truly? and the Government fought it in the courts? How gracious of them not to appeal. They really have no idea about the concept of public service at all.

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Every country has its own way of discrimination unwritten policies and treat citizens indifferently. If caste system of India , is misunderstood by other countries, the colour prejudice in USA, race outlook in Europe, Japan has a different ways and means to treat their citizens.But the commentary given is different, as though they alone are right and others are wrong and below the parameters they have fixed for civilized world.

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See, Abe san can apologize.

Now Abe san needs have courage and apologize to comfort women.

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I do want people treated with compassion. But 1907.... We simply did not have the extensive medical or scientific knowledge to know much about the disease so I'm not sure placing blame on the governmental institutions is totally warranted. I'm in the U.S. so maybe there is more here culturally that I do not understand, regardless, I still feel heartbroken for the families and individuals involved.

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