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Abe, U.N. chief agree to keep N Korea sanctions in place


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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres agreed Wednesday to keep enforcing U.N. Security Council sanctions in hopes of reaching the goal of a denuclearized North Korea.

I wonder how much Abe "donated", of our tax money, to the UN for this?

In the far bigger picture, Japan is small player in the denuclearize issue, and Abe is just fronting for the US here. It's another political game meant for the local (Japan) media market, prior to the LDP vote.

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Abe, U.N. chief agree to keep N Korea sanctions in place

And China and Russia will keep helping N Korea circumvent them.

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Good to hear the UN is committed to strangling North Korea into submission, much to the dismay of the useful idiots strangely found in dark corners of developed nations. They will be acted against too

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Not sure if this is really what is realistic and needed at this time and whether it is the actual will of Abe.

Or whether he and others are being coerced to keep pressure on NK so that US can now start to play a friendlier role with NK after the agreement signed, giving latitude and time to NK to put into action what was agreed upon. At least for now the US is not "the" enemy.

Having opened its "belly" to the world, NK needs to keep their identity and integrity, but at the same time they need "help" to adjust to a new role in international relationships, which SK most certainly knows and appreciates. It is difficult to dismantle a "wall" much different from the Berlin wall. They are still on War status despite the denuclearization agreement.

In reality they need "assistance" in adjusting to the now somewhat "open" arms of the world and "time" to adjust and change "internally" domestically with their nuclear program and their social structure and culture. All the while they have the inerent pressure from China and Russia for their industrial capability, their sea ports and their coal.

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But negotiations between the countries have made little progress with Pyongyang yet to have made any concrete steps

If beginning to dismantle their nuclear test site is not a concrete step then what is?

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Good to hear! Sanction that crime of a state into the ground

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North Korea has chosen.. poorly. They get exactly what they deserve

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Good to see some are acting responsibly, as much as China, Russia, and the useful idiot want North Korea to get off scot free and threaten others with nukes.

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