A man cleans debris in the aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Date City, Fukushima Prefecture, on Oct 16. Photo: REUTERS file

Abe orders economic package to assist disaster-hit areas


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Took his time about it.

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Rebuilding takes time and shortage of construction workers with the Olympics.

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Typhoons will be more frequent and more powerful more destructive.

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I think under the circumstances, the Japan government are

giving a lot more help to their people than any other country.

You should be happy your government is assisting the farmers and factory owners who's

property has been damaged.

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Bold and wise decision by PM Abe. This should help all the victims of this once in generation disaster. I am real puzzled by people criricizing PM Abe on here.

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Fake News!

Surely... Fake News....

How many times have we heard this since 3/11 and how much has been done between that time and now... the only thing I think has been done, has to divert funds to those who can come up with the most ingenious ideas of how to move the Goal posts so that the Government can be seen to be doing something, yet in reality doing very little for so few....

Never in the field of Human Strife, has to little been done, for so many... by so few with the power to do great things.

Perhaps an apt phrase for Japan at present.

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People's govt works for people, disaster govt works for disaster.

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Slow slow slow... Useless!

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Olympic construction and wooden house repairs have very little in common.

3 million is probably more than some of the old shacks blown down were worth.

Glad my tax money is being used to bail out people who couldn’t be bothered to buy insurance.

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