Abe leaves for Europe to attend Japan-EU talks, G-20 summit


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Abe (japan) promoting free trade. Rhetoric is cheap

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"Abe(Japan)" and "promote free trade" in the same sentence.

I must be on drugs.

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Actually freer trade isn't going to make any sense in an ageing population. Mindless cut to the bottom economies don't grow for people, bottom out their livelihoods and only multinational corporations benefit as they gobble everything up.

Better to have good-enough fair trade instead if Japanese people were a priority

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What is of genuine concern is mounting belligerence between the Trump administration and the EU commission, especially the German and French Governments There is a suspicion that this potent mix of impatience and angry frustration will come to a head during the G 20 summit in Hamburg.

Trade and the environment are key area of contention. It could only be a question of time before President Trump will bring his threat to impose a boarder adjustment tax on a whole range of imported European products, and a punitive system of tariffs on the European steel industry. 

Trumps commerce secretary Wilbur Ross recently, bluntly demanded that US producers across a whole range of sectors given a more balanced accessible share of the European markets from agriculture to energy and if the EU did not come up with a comprehensive agenda and a concrete set of proposals, the United States Government would withdraw cooperation in a key number of regulatory bodies including international financial markets that provide capital to bodies like the IMF and World Bank.

The tone needs to give way to a more conciliatory approach in finding consensus.      

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a more politically pragmatic style in his dealing with President Trump, it would be wise if Abe san attempted to persuade others to adopt a similar stance.

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