Abe to speak on favoritism claims at committee sessions next week


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next week not now. a lot can happen in a week.

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Abe: "First of all, I come here to speak to you of my own free will, and to once and for all clear this absolute untruth about favoritism. I will then give preference to and answer questions fielded from the sources of my choice, but not others. Is that clear?"

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It's good that the session is happening, but I'm sure the opposition will manage to miss their chance to skewer Abe, as usual. For example, the purpose of the meeting is to discuss Abe's alleged involvement in the Kake Gakuen case: there is no need to bring up Inada at all, or mention anything about her scandals. Such discussions would be irrelevant, would waste time, and would take the pressure off of Abe.

The opposition should spend most of their time asking Abe detailed questions and pressing him to give a clear explanation, as he keeps promising to do but never does. The aim should be to make him sweat and to make him lose his temper and demonstrate his arrogance.

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Abe to speak on favoritism claims at committee sessions next week

Hence the smear campaigns on Renho this week.

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Abe will open his mouth, continue to lie and commit perjury. And more and more people will think of his future defence before the courts. He will face justice. Arraign, Berate, Expunge

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He will be talking to committee consisting with LDP members.

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