Abe urges China to maintain free and open Hong Kong


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Well stated by PM Abe, standing up for Japan the Rule of Law. He was right to raise this with Communist Chinas Foreign Minister.

Communist PRC : Respect the election results, and give the democracy and freedom the HK Citizens overwhelmingly voted for. You will regret the consequences if you dont.

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IMO PM Abe is out of his lane discussing issues of this matter with a Pope who is on a mission of Peace. Abe failed to mention his strong desires in changing the Constitution but yet pressing with military increases. Just yesterday Japan Times reported Abe's desire to use its military careers for F35 take offs and landings, a violation of the Constitution Article 9.

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Thank you Abe for respecting the will of Hong Kong citizens. I'm happy for Jimmy Sham who, even on crutches after suffering two attacks this year, campaigned and won the election. That's a leader, that's a person with guts, that's a moral person.

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Abe, the US puppet

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No mention from Abe of the wanton violence engaged in by the protesters?

Funny how the world media continues to ignore random acts of violence committed by them, including stabbing and viciously assaulting those who have opposing views. These protesters don't even seem to realize the irony of their actions.

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Well done Abe... This is what USA president Mr. Trump was asking to China. I hope China will feel the pressure from Japan and USA.

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Non party,

Those days when Japan can pressure China are long gone.

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Oh yes well done Abe for doing the absolute bare minimum, such a great and wonderful leader, whatever would Japan do without your completely empty and meaningless words

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Isa; the bare minimum as you put it may be a very prudent and smart approach by the PM. I know you’re not allowed to praise Abe for pretty much anything, but I think the message of support for democracy in Hong Kong was loud and clear and quite telling actually. It’s going to take moderates to bring China to the table and Japan is perfectly positioned to play the mediator. As much as emotion has taken over the narrative for most to move forward there’s always need for cool headed smart diplomacy. This may even be Japans time to shine.

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Another urge? Inadequate as a leader inadequate as a man inadequate can't get his own house in order, really shouldn't comment on others.

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Ricky: yeaaahhhh I don't believe that 'urging' China will make them change anything. Condemnation doesn't do anything, either. Tibetans and the Uyghur people can testify to that.

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These protesters don't even seem to realize the irony of their actions.

Never heard of Rebellion? Uprising? Revolution? When the laws of the land do not serve the interests of the people, when "democratic" institutions are no longer fit for purpose and people can't take any more of the oppression, repression and killings imposed by their ruling class, history teaches us what happens next. "Violence" is not the monopoly of government (police, hired goons, military), but also the last resort of the people to right what is wrong It is often not pretty to watch, as Hong Kong will soon show.

BTW, Beijing's bestial treatment of the Uyghurs goes far, far beyond the random violence of the HK protesters. Ironic, innit?

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No more wonton violence.

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Isa; Certainly not easy, although will say that 'defeatism' is never a good strategy. The 'all is lost' mindset is good for what exactly?

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday urged China to maintain a free and open Hong Kong as police continue their crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in the semi-autonomous territory.

Is Abe trying to teach Wang Yi how important it is to be free and democratic? But look at what he is doing in Henoko, Nago City, Okinawa.

The majority of Okinawa residents are opposed to the relocation of USMC Air Station Futenma to Henoko, demanding instead Futenma be returned unconditionally.  And yet Abe, in sheer disregard of democracy, forged ahead with landfill work in Henoko to build two V-shaped runways on the reclaimed land plus port and other cutting edge facilities, hence called a "new base" by us.

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Hong Kong is a hot topic.

Im surprised the CCP didn't take more harsh measures against the protesters. It's been many months and not all but some of those protesters are becoming very violent with setting a man on fire for telling them they are all Chinese and violence is not the answer. To a police officer shot in the leg with arrows.

My honest opinion is that Hong Kong wants something that is impossible to give them. Independence and democracy which I don't think it will happened under Xi for life and the CCP party.

Meeting somewhere in the middle I think is the answer for now at least. I believe communism is on the decline and China will follow at some point.

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Im surprised the CCP didn't take more harsh measures against the protesters.

And why do you think they didn't? Trust me, it was not out of benevolence. They evaluated the situation, and decided the repercussions of stepping in and murdering the protestors with tanks in the streets would be a repeat of Tienanmen square - something that took them decades to recover from on the international stage. And even then, people like me still bring it up. They don't want that mark as murderers after they've spent the past couple of decades trying to build up a veneer of being non-violent. People are willing to excuse oppression for money. It's a lot harder for people to excuse violence for money.

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Very rich, coming from PM of a party that has held power almost continuously, and almost as long as the CCP, it's a bit rich.

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Thats our boy. Lead by example.

Hopefully other leaders will follow Abe sans lead instead of staying quiet. ie (trump)

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