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All 4 Japan PM hopefuls welcome Taiwan's bid to join TPP


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Its time to slowly bring in Taiwan into the international fold and not isolate it politically or otherwise anymore. The more the international community accepts Taiwan as a political entity separate from China the more difficult its going to be for the Chinese to invade it and it appears they maybe planning to do so.

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Yes revise the law please.

Yes Taiwan Japan is you're friend.

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@Aly RustomToday  07:41 am JST

it would be nice to think so, but I don't think China is much concerned about anything but its own aims.... and if/when they do invade, interesting to watch how 'the world' reacts. "object in the strongest terms" would be the extent of it I expect. but I do hope you are right.....

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Good for them, and good for Taiwan. ALL 11 nations will welcome the great, free and democratic nation of Taiwan into this exclusive club. The TPP will be win-win for all involved, cheaper goods, more markets, boosted GDPs in all 11 economies.

China will NEVER enter this club. I really hope this move antagonizes the Commies! Bring it on!

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jiji Xx

agree with you

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And the Japanese media and press give almost non relevance to the opposition candidates and Mr.Edano.

The propaganda is good in brainwash the sheeples J-mass which bombarded with these four LDP politicians will again vote in apathetic majority for the old Jiminto.

A true one state party,the conception of democracy is little understood here.

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@William77: This is because its for the LDP Presidential Election. This is not a General Election. Edano gets his chance in General Election.

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We are taking a big risk for Taiwan, I do support You, but I hope it's appreciated and the favored returned when needed.

South Korea would never do this for you Taiwan. Not many countries in Asia would.

Besides USA, Japan is one of the few countries to take such a big risk by supporting Taiwan in a big way, China has threatened Japan with Nuclear destruction and severe consequences.

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Thomas Goodtime

It's the opposite, besides S. Korea and China, Japan is liked and supported by most countries.

Does it help Taiwanese like Japan the most? Definitely. I would join the SDF to help Taiwan, a pro Japan country. I would never do that for S. Korea. The most Anti-Japan country on planet Earth.

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China has voiced strong opposition to Taiwan's bid to join the TPP, as Beijing regards the self-ruled democratic island as a renegade province awaiting reunification by force if necessary.

Once Taiwan is admitted to the CPTPP it will be:-

Taiwan has voiced strong opposition to China's bid to join the TPP, as Taipei regards the self-ruled communist mainland as a renegade province awaiting reunification.

That looks much better doesnt it.

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A true one state party,the conception of democracy is little understood here.

That comment describes China wonderfully.

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It's the opposite, besides S. Korea and China, Japan is liked and supported by most countries.

Actually most countries like Japan and South Korea about the same. Your comment is colored by your obvious personal dislike of Sth Korea.

You are correct about China not liked or supported by most nations. China will object to anyone including Taiwan in anything.

South Korea will not object to including Taiwan in anything, even if it does not publicly voice it as Japan has just begun doing.

Nice that the four candidates all welcome Taiwan but silence on their opinion of China wanting to join. That sends a nice message to China.

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and if/when they do invade, interesting to watch how 'the world' reacts.

I question how combat ready the CCP’s may actually be. Decades of the CCP’s one-child policy have likely created a generation of soft, spoiled princes who rarely know hardship. Like most bullies, the CCP wants to be feared but needs to protected. It will be interesting to see how the CCP reacts when a country actually has the stones to punch back. I doubt world is not going to allow the CCP to invade Taiwan which would further hinder Asian commerce.

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I bet they even said it simultaneously, like in Japanese TV commercials.

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Not sure how to feel about this.

I fully support Taiwan's soverieignty, but it was always the US's promise to protect them against China.

Japan is a small nation, and taking sides in this conflict puts us at odds with China. I'm not so much concerned with that, but being at odds with China, means we're more reliant on the US and at their mercy.

Japan has always been independent, because it took a neutral stance between US and Chinese conflicts. If we lose the support of one, we may also lose our independence to the other.

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