Another top bureaucrat quits scandal-hit education ministry


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Last year, this year and in the years to come.

It won't change! Those brown envelopes can do miracles!

It's as always, however: take a deep bow, apologize more or less for your misdeeds and live a happy life ever after.

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Top bureaucrat who has garbages in mind should be cleaned before my room be cleaned or more garbages there than my room almost cleaned.

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"I want to apologize sincerely. We will work to regain trust."

There is so little trust to start off with, that winning back the modicum that was lost should be a breeze. Establishing a deeper foundation of trust however would require that they abolish amakudari. But since we know that’ll never happen, we’ll just have to be satisfied with the former.

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Systemic problem, nothing will change unless there is a system change. But we all know that's not going to happen.....next. And this is the education ministry at its best.

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We areJapan... Well past bubbling along , still confidence is the first attitude taught in school.

This education thing is more than a national kindergarden issue.

In other countries responsibilities donˋt stay inside ministries, but if there is only one party its just the only way to go.bubblingalong

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"I want to apologize sincerely. We will work to regain trust."

Just try and see if you can remember what the job was supposed to be about, you know the ‘facilitating learning’ thing , nothing more nothing less. It tends to get completely forgotten , while so much effort is made running around securing positions , having endless meetings and jostling for power. These stories of self serving bureaucrats are getting a bit old fellas. This young generation of students is gunna need alot more than what they are getting, time to rise with the times.

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Gotta love his title, "Vice" education minister. Seems he's living up to the criminal analogy of that word.

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Has he really left his job, or does he just no longer have the title of vice minister? If the latter, he still has a 3-4 years to milk the system; if the former, he'll turn up in an educational institution as an advisor or vice-principal in 3-4 months.

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Whenever and wherever there is political allocation of resources, corruption and favoritism is to be expected.

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a practice in which officials illegally land lucrative post-retirement jobs at educational institutions supervised by the ministry.

Please...."amakudari" is NOT limited to the "educational institutions supervised by the ministry".

Whomever wrote this article is creating a totally false impression by making this erroneous statement here. "Amakudari" permeates the government in ALL ministries not just MEXT.

"Amakudari" allows the government and private businesses to have close, and many times, illegal ties, to each other, and assist in dictating policies across all spectrum's of Japanese society.

It is also a way in which career bureaucrats can make some "real" money as komuin in their positions make squat in comparison to people who hold similar higher ranking positions in the private sector. It's their "golden parachute" for public service.

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Gees! Is there any industry in Japan that is not involved in grafting, bribing, plagerising or just basically unscrupulous business practices? Business in Japan just seems to be a cess pool of lies, corruption, cronyism and bribes.

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Glad the "interference issue" is being discussed. For those not familiar with how the bribery or influence system described in the article operates, MBC Broadcasting created a program that shows the issue well.

The video with English subtitles is available on this Youtube link.


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