Aso says he won't resign over ministry sexual harassment scandal


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Come on, people... Aso wants to be PM again, he's made it quite clear. He won't resign and will protect himself and other old men, especially against mere women, until the cows come home. Then he'll just claim he didn't know when it comes to light the accusations are true. Then when it comes to light he knew, he'll just shrug.

There's a reason why Japan ranks 114 or whatever out of 140 countries in terms of gender equality and how women are treated, and this is one. Even with the proof, the accused will still be given preferential treatment if men.

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Japan has no governance

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The ministry has called for the alleged victims to come forward and recount their experiences to the law firm,

LOL. Whats wrong with this country.

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Aso told reporters in Washington, where he is attending a Group of 20 meeting, that it is still unclear if the top bureaucrat, Junichi Fukuda, had actually made sexually suggestive comments to female reporters...

This blue blood , spoon fed arrogant princeling otherwise known as Aso is so far removed from the real world its not funny.

Can the opposition boycot the Diet proceedings until he is pushed out finally for everything he advocated...spanning from praising Nazi policies to overseeing the scandal ridden MoF ....He is 77 years old...just put him out to retirement already . Its just his ego that wants to hang aroung until 100.

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The only way Aso is going to "resign" is when a pair of steel bracelets are slapped on his wrists!

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You can't fix stupid and in this case he has a PhD in it.

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I have to agree with Cricky.

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Abe: Nobody in Japan can persuade or make me resign. That call is up to the Americans and their leader.

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