Cabinet OKs senior prosecutor's resignation over mahjong gambling


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Good riddance.

Hope the next one is a bit more... neutral

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What concerns me is that he is getting 7,000万円 as retirement bonus, and he's gonna keep his salary unto the ages of ages.

He should have gambled many years ago.

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Never heard of a resignation requiring approval.

I could understand if replaced the word "approved" with "accepted".

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So was what he did illegal or not?

If it was illegal, then I can understand the cabinet 'approving' or accepting his resignation - but he needs to be indicted or prosecuted.

If it wasn't illegal, then the cabinet should have rejected his resignation request and publicly stated the reason for doing so was that although maybe poor judgment, the guy did nothing illegal.

If his actions were just poor judgment, then again the cabinet should've just given him a warning and told everyone to stop being silly and get on with things.

Abe has done far worse than 'play mahjong with some reporters for a bit of money', and yet he remains PM.

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Never heard of a resignation requiring approval.

I could understand if replaced the word "approved" with "accepted".

Oh come on, you know how things are here! You should be able to read between the lines!

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It has always been interesting to me that company's can or at least think they can reject your resignation. Granted, he's an elected official so the steps are different. But what was the other choice? Do his job and have his moves and actions questioned and bring another dark cloud over the administration?

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Nothing is new. It is always like this and resign and start something new.

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The most troubling aspect is he was playing with journalists.

Clearly inpartical journalism is just a fantasy.

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Sayonara Kurokawa San! Enjoy the money that you won on your mahjong outing during the stay at home and the state of emergency order.

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his biggest mistake was to play with sore losers

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