Frayed Japan-S Korea ties should not affect security issues: Abe


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The oath sentence celebrates the 14th year since the joint declaration, and smashes the liberal democratic system of (Korean) and devotees its life to the realization of a philosophical idea on the Korean peninsula. ) "" Keep away US troops in South Korea completely from the southern half "" "Penetration to the judicial and administrative departments such as the police and prosecutors of the southern government, and make the government's administrative function paranoid" " Ten pledges were recorded, such as taking a pride in pride and standing at the beginning of proactive reunification (excerpt).

> The subject idea is the political idea of North Korea and the Korean Labor Party, and was advocated by Joun-Un's grandfather, Kim Il-sung. At the end of the oath sentence, there are 40 individual and organization names, and it is said that Mr. Moon also had a name there.


Looks as if Mooners are all followers of Kim family including posters here.

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The country most angry about South Korea's destruction of GSOMIA is the United States. Japan is probably saying this for the United States rather than for their own country. Because it ’s a true ally.

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Good points. The Japanese say they can’t trust the Koreans but they somehow can fit national security issues?

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Anti Japan squad

Sure, the anti-japan squad, because Abe is Japan. If you did not notice only one post is not about Abe, except yours obviously.

I guess Abe is still using South Korea to pursue is agenda of making Japan able to play war because real man play war, or something like that.

So well the situation is shitty. And I do not think Abe plan to make any real move to improve the situation until it get the Constitution adjusted to his taste.

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Anti Japan squad back at it in the comments.

Stay strong, Japan! You've done so much already to bring SK where it is today, and yet Koreans are still greedy and want more.

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Hey Abe, maybe if you don’t fall asleep so easily like you and 5 other colleagues did at the U.N. General Assembly, then you’ll have a better understanding of your relationship with Korea. What an international embarrassment!

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The power to restore the GSOMIA rests in Abe's hand, not Moon's.

Undo the export control and the GSOMIA will be restored, it's very simple, really.

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Oh, if security issues should not be affected, then why is it so hard to choose the 5G network provider for the Tokyo olympics? Samsung vs Huawei. Put your money where your mouth is. But obviously your Japanese pride is greater than displeasing your US master.

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Japan says they can’t trust Korea but for security issues they can. One day a bully, next day a crybaby. How pathetic.

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What Abe is a boxer no he is a politician n one who is running to mama is sk wto Us asean Un IOC x many times.

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If you are ready to fight, you must be ready to give and take punishment. The best boxers can give and take. Abe is behaving like the playground bully that he is with respect to SK. He hits but if you hit back, he cries maa maa and runs to hide in his mother's (US) dress.

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Another typo: Please read "...even the guy you hope would choke on his chop sticks.

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This is from the English Asahi, 25 Sept. 2019: "Japan opted not to invite South Korea’s Navy to take part in a Maritime Self-Defense Force fleet review scheduled for October because of the dire state of relations between the two countries."

That was Abe yesterday. The above article is Abe today: "Frayed" relations between SK and Japan should not affect security issues.

Yesterday Abe was saying you can't play in my house. Today Abe is saying let's be really good friends.

One can see that Abe is ruled by his emotions and not reasoned opinion.

Diplomatically, inviting South Korea to the fleet review what have been a small gesture that would likely have not made things worse and maybe in the long run made things better. I learned as a kid it better to invite even the kid you couldn't stand to your birthday party. I learned something like that as an academic. At the university you kompai everyone, even the guy you would choke on his chop sticks.

I think good international diplomacy is like that.

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Abe and Japan can't take a punch. They are happy to dish out punishment but not ready to take a counter punch.

@B.Jay - Abe failed to even predict one move ahead in this game of chess. He celebrated after capturing the opponent's pawn, did a victory dance and strutted his stuff, only to see his rook taken. He then cries foul.

And what has he gained? Previously wildly popular Japanese products (various beers, Uniqlo etc) are failing to sell in SK, visitor numbers are tumbling leaving any small tourist towns suffering, and with loss of military intelligence sharing the Japanese citizens are at least in theory in greater danger than before.

Total and utter ineptitude from Shinzo-kun.

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Abe san is really really afraid of the day after the radar feed from Korea is cut off.

But his Japanese pride doesn't allow him to admit he screwed up and undo his mistakes.

As the result, it is Japanese public who has to bear the national security consequence, because of their leader's stupid mistake.

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Abe and Japan can't take a punch. They are happy to dish out punishment but not ready to take a counter punch.

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Japan just doesn’t get it, and I’m not Korean.

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Sorry, Abe. You can't go donating and worshipping Yasukuni, denying Japan's atrocities, and then turn around and say, "B-b-b-b-ut when it's what WE want, it should not be an issue!" Why would you cooperate with a hostile neighbour? SK is under zero obligation to do so, especially when Japan spits on the nation. I mean, just earlier today we have the article with the mayor of a town in Japan saying it would be outrageous to restart a "comfort women" exhibition because it "might make people take the Korean view of history".

You want the security help? make amends, and MEAN it.

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