Governors seek compensation for business closures due to virus


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I’d say that at a glance, about 30%-40% of private restaurants and bars in downtown Osaka have shuttered.

Chain stores are open for biz.

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Yes don’t listen to the governor. And see what happens from this week to next and so on. Goodluck preventing the virus JP government. You’re going kamikaze on this pandemic.

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Let's just bail EVERYBODY out!! Stupid.

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‘Seeing what happens’ is not an option.

The chances of losing ones livelihood is far greater than death by the corona virus.

I’m out today supporting my local restaurants.

I can’t afford to stay at home and neither can they afford not to have customers...

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Let's just bail EVERYBODY out!! Stupid.

Why not ? The amount of tax businesses have paid in Japan and all the people they employ isn't it better to help them avoid bankruptcy so they can reopen after a vaccine is found and life returns to normal.

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Chain stores are open for biz.

Sadly franchises have little choice, if they choose to remain a part of the franchise, just like the convenience stores and their "rules".

These owners are going to go further into debt without assistance, as they will continue to have overhead costs, without any income. At least the one's that are closed, have minimized their costs by closing, but they are in no better shape either.

Damned if you do, damned if you dont!

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I'm sorry, but if business aren't operating at a profit, one would think they'd go out of business anyway. And if they are profitable, it's their responsibility to have reserves to get thru tough times.

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Yes, actually I do. And I stand by what I said. If you are running a failing business, who's fault is that? Your own. So that business would eventually burn out on its own. And if it's profitable, then who am I to blame others and demand money?

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Why is it stupid please feel free to go ahead and tell us what you think the government should do?

Let the businesses fail. Someone else will come by and replace them.

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Nishimura told the governors that the government wants to spend the period determining if Abe's emergency declaration, which strongly urged people to stay indoors, is effective in curbing infections, the sources said

So the national government urge people to stay inside but make it mandatory for business to operate as usual to get any subsidies for failing income.

What are the objectives ?

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Right you are Yubari, Damned either way...and I closed my biz today. :(

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I have not had to lay anyone off yet. If I have to, then I have to. That's reality. But I won't expect the government to bail me out. They only bail out giant corporations.

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When I hear businesses talking 'bout going bankrupt after a couple months of no income, makes me wonder where's the rainy day money? Clearly the bad times must've been before Covid-19 and this crisis just speeded up the inevitable.

Many businesses operate in the 2-5% profit range. That's enough to keep businesses running, but hardly enough to save up for months of no business.

Covid isn't speeding up the inevitable, it's creating something that wasn't inevitable until businesses couldn't do business.

For example. I have a friend, owns a salon. They pay $7000 in rent, with roughly ten stylists. They make enough to cover salaries and rent, with a little left over. They would need $21,000 for rent, plus salaries, plus roughly another $90,000 for salaries (at a guestimate of $3000/person x 10 people x 3 months), putting them at needing $111,000 to get by for three months. What salon has $110,000 just lying around?

My numbers are extremely simplified above, but people making comments like the above quote have obviously never run a business. The number of businesses that have three months running capital in the bank are in the extreme minority as compared to those that do.

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I too am a business owner.

You think that anyone who isn’t making ends meet now is simply a loose spender? Good luck with your business, cause you lack full understanding of how they operate.

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Actually I'm self employed, so am running a business,thank you.

Self-employed and running a business are about the same as being a milk drinker vs. being a dairy farmer. I've done both, and being self-employed is more like the middle ground between working for someone, and running a company It's not equivalent to running a company.

And yeah your friend's case is an example,but not all struggling cases are as simple as his.Living above your means is another,which is more probable.

No, it's not more probable. A HUGE number of businesses are like my friends'. They are profitable enough that they can support the workers and the owners with no problems, when the world isn't shut down to a sudden unexpected stand-still, but their 2-5% profit margins don't allow for having 3+ months of running capital with no income. Anyone who thinks that having both the wiggle room, and the savings, is the norm, really is clueless about small businesses in the world.

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the company I work for is working a 3 day week...

I am not sure how having Mon off then working tue and wed and then taking another day off thur will mitigate the virus...

staff lose 20 % of their salary or use their meager paid leave until it runs out.

I just get cancelled classes and no salary.

I am not sure that anyone knows what the hell they are doing since aichi introduced a lockdown.

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