Japan's foreign minister hints readiness to aid N Korea over COVID


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As noted in the story Hayashi only said this after Biden already presented the view that other countries should be concerned about the outbreak in NK.

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I hate to say this, but a friend of mine once told me "never do a favor in Asia for the simple fact that doing favors has no meaning and it just unrecognizable or even appreciated" in my long years of living around in Asia I found that to be somewhat true!! it is sad but I don't stop nor give up.

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Wasn’t North Korea the country that abducted dozens of Japanese citizens? Many of them are still kept there.

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Japan will contribute its strategy that has proven successful : close bars at 8pm (probably not something to worry about in North Korea), do nothing else, don’t ask don’t test.

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No matter what happened in the past the future relationship of countries can be changed for the better.

Sometimes doing the right thing isn't comfortable or beneficial .

However given the opportunity to lend a helping hand to a neighbor unconditionally is an admirable suggestion.

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At this point the government of North Korea can't hide the huge public health crisis of the population, helping them must be a humanitarian priority, it doesn't hurt to think that rampant covid in a population with lousy health services and poor vaccination rates increases a lot the chances of a new variant that could make all previous immunity ineffective. Helping the population of North Korea control covid if of extreme importance to the world.

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Humans are humans whatever race, nationality or religion. We should help anybody who is in need.

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Japan should not help the very country that they have antagonized since time immemorial.

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Never do a favor in Asia

Beware as this friend of yours isn't really a friend.

Totally unfair and unrealistic to assume any favors to Asians or Asia wouldn't be appreciated or honored.

Furthermore they don't realize all the countries that make up Asia including hosts and occupations and colonies.

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DPRK and Japan have no diplomatic ties so how this guy can help?

as private person or ...how?

any ideas local "factchecker"?

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North Korea is not accepting medical aid, vaccines from other countries. But they will probably accept it from China or Russia. They know what they're doing, shooting off monthly missiles and pushing for Nuclear weapons is more important to them than having a solid medical infrastructure. Best thing that could happen is if Kim Jong Un catches Covid. Although whoever gave it to him would probably get shot.

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