Lower house OKs record ¥106.61 tril budget for FY2021


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How about less government spending and therefore less government failures?

We adults can by and large take care of ourselves.

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We adults can by and large take care of ourselves.

The private sector can't take care of itself during a pandemic like we have now. Govt spending and support are needed in such times to avoid massive bankruptcies and eventually a meltdown of the economy.

Just like 2008, the Great Depression, the 90s bubble and so on.

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Charge USA for bases, reduce the budget by billions.

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The private sector can't take care of itself during a pandemic like we have now.

I don’t have such a problem with emergency spending during the pandemic, although I think the GoTo programs for example are ridiculous in how they benefit the rich, and Abenomasks... People around me didn’t need the cash handouts either. Happy to help the needy though.

My problem is with out of control government spending when times are good. People are more than capable of looking after themselves in the good times, and the private sector could provide better services than the government does in many cases. Therefore it is no stretch of the imagination to think Japan could flourish with government spending slashed to be.... approximately the amount of annual tax revenues, in the good times. Hardly an extreme proposition is it :)

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Keep printing and spending. Japan the poster child for this approach to propping up late stage capitalism. How it will all end remains to be seen.

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Japan looks like late stage socialism to me!

This out of control government spending does not exist in my free market capitalism paradise!

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This printing and spending will not end well. expect consumption tax to rise and or significant inflation of certain goods and services! The government's priorities need to change!

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Japan has never had a "free market" in any meaningful sense of the term. It has always been part socialist, corporatist, mercantilist, and autarchy. People claiming this is the result of "muh late stage capitalism!" are wholly ignorant.

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