Japan asks ASEAN to steadily implement U.N. sanctions on N. Korea


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Japan just wants to keep on playing that broken record...

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as usual at these bureaucratic bunfights, happy smiling faces.... glad to see the massive responsibility for the running of the world doesn't weigh on them unduly..... he said, with a certain cynicism. (^_-)

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China not enforcing internationally agreed sanctions on North Korea is a crime and makes war with NK more likely. It is starting to look like China even wants war against NK

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Of course, the present day North Korean regime is not responsible for the acts of past regimes.

However, Japan is still attempting to keep up the pressure and the rhetoric instead of looking for productive achievable goals.

There has always got to be an enemy and NK is it

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Wait - didn't Trump promise he had already solved that crisis?

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Good to hear North Korea is being put in its place again. What an absolute farce and joke Trump's summit was, achieved absolutely nothing. Nut thankfully now Trump knows how much he got played and this will never be repeated. Hopefully North Korea's total collapse and disintegration is just around the corner

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The collapse of North Korea has the potential for mass destabilization in Asia which would impact several nations.

Your comment shows a lack of understanding of the current geo-political situation....

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Not one person can even suggest the scenario after the fall of NK!

Fairly pathetic isn’t it?

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Not one person can even suggest the scenario after the fall of NK!

Fairly pathetic isn’t it?

With all your 'expertise' of geopolitical issues there are always possible scenarios to be suggested. Need some help? :)

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