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Japan, China to set up contact system to avoid sea, air clashes


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Great. Don't forget to decide which language you'll be using before it's operational.

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If china really wants to avoid “Clashes”, they would never create the circumstances for this to happen in the FIRST place.

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Both countries are cooperating to have. safety in region. Both countries will work peacefully without griping each one's past.

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Abe must grow up. Japan has to think in terms of big and long. Senkaku is not worthy to be disputed, given the size of both Japan and China. 3000 years ago, there was no such thing as border between Japan and China. Japan and China must develop a new model to the world that a relationship is defined by cooperation, not competition, as we often say of wife and husband.

If 5 years ago Abe had put aside the dispute, as Kakuei Tanaka did 45 years ago, Japan and China would be in much better position now and Japan could have avoided the loss of trillion dollars in GDP.

Abe must remember that you are a PM of Japan, you are not small and you are not secondary. Your relationship with China is more than thousand years old and you used to be highly praised by Chinese people.

The values shared by Japan and China are so many, so long and so persevering. Abe must abandon narcissism of small differences and put his strategic mutual benefit vision into action.

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set up contact system to avoid sea, air clashes

Does that include navigation lessons for the Chinese pilots and sailors who wonder off course ?

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Good idea and nice to hear some positive news

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Viking Rin, I hope Japan was defeated thousand times if she could become as big and as civilized as China today.

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