Japanese defense chief conveys concern to China over flight with Russia


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This could easily escalate to WWIII. Japan appears to be keeping rhetoric calm on the surface. Let's hope China and the US can do the same. Beneath the surface, Japan, Taiwan and the US need to prepare for the worst.

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Meanwhile, the two ministers agreed to promote interactions and dialogue between the defense authorities of Tokyo and Beijing, according to Kishi, who said, "Since Japan-China relations have matters of concern, we need to have candid communication."

I think that ship has sailed, if candid communication were possible between both (or all three) countries this incident would not have happened in the first place.

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Russia and China, 2 countries who actually don't like one another but it serves each of their imperial ambitions to cooperate (for now). They're both hungry, greedy and cruel.

Kind of like Hitler and Stalin before the outbreak of WWII. Is history repeating itself?

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Exposing dysfunction of the United Nations

Well there's some truth to that statement.

The United Nations categorize Russia as being a European nation - however Russia is 77% part of the Asia continent, even tho 75% of the Russia population live on the European side of Russia

The United Nations diplomatic problems solving abilities are definitely dysfunctional.

Its hypocritical of Japan to be involved in surveillance and training exercises with other military's and complain about Russia and Chinese training exercises.

Double standards by Japan has come to be expected.

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well if you do same with americans and koreans what can we call that?

action and reaction.

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Enough with these appeasements. Warn them once, if they persist, shoot them down, no questions asked.

Same with Russia or any other country. These diplomats make things more complicated than what they really are. We need to solve problems on a personal level. Things will be more smoother if we approach problems on a personal level, which means being very harsh with the words and actions. At the end, we probably are looking at WW3 anyways so let the adversary know what our intentions are. If they don't like it, so be it.

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"if they persist, shoot them down, no questions asked."

By the same token I suppose it is okay for the Chinese and Russians to shoot down Japanese and American planes when they carry out exercises together.

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Why not? They were alllies!

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A free and open indo-pacific vision

Free and open for whom?

Well if Japan and the USA want a free and open Indo-Pacific that means other countries that use the international air and water should be allowed to hold training exercises and surveillance.

No hypocritical double standards !

Russia and China didn't enter Japanese airspace so Japan should stop whimpering and whining about it.

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Beneath the surface, Japan, Taiwan and the US need to prepare for the worst.

Yes we will lose.

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Both China and Russia know how to win because they learned how to loose .

However it's more than reasonable to assume both the USA and Japan haven't .

It appears than the USA and Japan are walking on eggshells and not quite as tough as they act !

Biden the geriatric isn't helping the situation any.

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All these show of force is a response/reaction, to what USA/allies are doing at its border.

If, you do not want/like to see this, then the answer is obvious, do not provoke, tell your allies not to provoke, especially, so far away from home. Or, you do not join them.


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The defense minister also sent a warning to the United States not to meddle in the Taiwan issue, saying Taiwan is its internal affairs and that "foreign interference is doomed to failure."

More lies and bluster from China, regarding the independent nation of Taiwan.

Foreign nations sell weapons, conduct trade and have back room discussions between governments with Taiwan and China is powerless to stop it.

Honestly, China needs to move on. The Taiwan issue is a done deal and has been for over seven decades. If they spent their time and efforts on fixing the pollution in their nation, they could be world leaders in climate change. China has many issues on its plate and causing troubles internationally is simply wasted effort. Make your country the best version it can be and others will want to emulate your success. Democracy and greater freedoms for your people would be another good start.

Unfortunately the CCP cares more about itself and the power it wields over its people, that making their lives better is currently beyond their abilities and not on their radar.

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Both China and Japan have imperialists aim,both hawkish nationalist governments are doing their own game and tolerating each other.

After all who is one of Japan’s prominent ministers?

Kishi, with such a family name and history he was even sent to China.

I wonder if some of former Japan’s allies will appoint a Goebbels as their minister.

But Japan can always get away with it’s past.

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Japan has a picture of a JMSDF P3C patrol plane flying high over the Senkaku island as a show of force to China, it was Japan kick started these "Flying cowboy game" from the begining. Japan frequently protesting Russian activities over the 4 Northern islands, thats why the annoyed Mocow retailiating from the air as response!

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