Japan eyes G7 video summit Feb 24, 1st anniversary of Ukraine war


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At the meeting, Kishida plans to pitch his vision of a world without nuclear weapons

And yet Kishida's government pays the US military for nuclear protection even tho it was them who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan.

Definitely a double standard.

Kishida is doing great !

Save the queers and force the public to purchase more weapons for wars Japan doesn't need to be involved in anyway !

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It would be the first G7 summit hosted by Kishida.

And with the way Kishida is talking i would expect it to be his last summit ever.

Insistent on painting a bullseye on himself .

He's really pushing the envelope with Russia and China.

No doubt little kim from North Korea will feel left out and put on another show to up the ante !

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Fumio really knows how to use the Ukraine war as an excuse for almost everything ?

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