Japan eyes regional revitalization with transfer of 10,000 workers


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This is definitely a step in the right direction. I just hope they keep following through on this even after the first 10,000.

The govt had the same idea back in 1984 about moving out many of the ministries but that just faded into nether void.

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This is from someone who finally abandoned a very big city for a small somewhat isolated town. It was the best move I ever made and there is no going back. I wish the PM great success in this endeavor. Give it a chance. If the plan is successful it would not surprise me if Japan's total fertility rate rose. Shore commutes and a more relaxed pace of life are wonderful things. All you city slickers should give it a chance.

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The Japanese government on Wednesday pledged to promote regional revitalization by preparing a list of 10,000 workers interested in moving to rural areas and working at local firms.

This is pretty pathetic as a policy initiative, given the scale of the problem. All they are doing is making a list of people who are interested in working in rural areas. Just that - making a list of names. A small list at that. Its really hard to see what a list like that is going to accomplish. It won't make jobs for those people magically appear - and if they already exist then you don't really need to be on a government created list to find them.

Revitalizing regions outside the big centres is an extremely complex task and likely in most rural areas there isn't much the government can do anyway - their populations are dropping off a cliff and there just aren't enough city dwellers interested in moving to the countryside to go around.

A few years ago they tried something which seemed to have bit more promise - moving the offices of some Central government agencies to rural prefectures. With that you are at least moving actual jobs to those areas. But it was a huge failure, mainly because the agencies themselves revolted against it since leaving Tokyo would reduce their internal political clout withing the bureacracy. So they are all still in Tokyo, where ironically some are now busily employed making a list of people who want to do what they themselves do not.

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Some really good spots in the regions with a great quality of life and lower cost of living.

Very cheap housing in many regional cities as well.

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Japan provides much better infrastructure and public services to outlying rural areas than most countries do. LDP has long courted the rural vote with such infrastructure but as a result Japan does not suffer from the disaffected, marginalized rural poor trying to get by with derelict to non-existent infrastructure and public services that breeds upheavals and revolutionary movements. There is wisdom in Japanese politics. The likes of a Donald Trump or Bojo emerging in Japan are vanishingly small.

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Japan keeps doing amazing things.! Nippon hey hey hey!

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It’s clear from his four key areas that he expects tax payers to foot the bill for his changes, expect another consumption tax increase and possibly other increases to income tax. Such increases will only continue to drive down the birth rate..

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talk about a finger in every pie.... everything is controlled by J-Gov. Edo-jidai lives!

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Headline sound like 1938

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This is a bad idea and a bad thought out plan since the people do not want to live in most places that these companies have branch offices and factories.

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