Japan's foreign minister says no decision made on China visit


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What they mean is that they have asked Biden what to do, and he has not replied yet.

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Hayashi shouldn’t go. He might disappear.

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China is desparate to have Japan on their side, with the entire world opposing their take over of Hong Kong, threatening Taiwan, Uighur genocide, Territorial and military expansion in the South China Sea and disputes with everybody in Asia. At the very least China wants Japan to support the Beijing Winter Olympics. But of course, they aren't going to back off trying to steal the Senkakus. What a loser of a country.

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There are no greater discomforts to the J mind than making decisions that will have real time consequences and force them into an actual commitment. There’s a cultural aversion to decisiveness. Anyone that lives here long enough has learned to navigate this peculiar mindset. Limbo is the preferred state. Keep everyone guessing and stay mysterious, that we we can have our cake and eat it too.

Although very frustrating for those looking to Japan for any direction, it’s a strategy that does seem to work for them. Do nothing until the 11th hour, then do what you sort of knew you were going to do all along. Leave everyone guessing. The historical context and tug of war happening between two radically different world views represented by China and America means that Japan is bang in the middle, in the hot seat, but not budging. Some very interesting and revealing times ahead. Soft or Hard power maybe the choice at hand. Wonder how it will all play out

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TeslaInvestorToday  04:32 pm JST


Don't be delusional. China may want to have 'normal' trading relationships with Japan, but China does not care what Japan thinks about them.

Read the article, It is China that is asking for the Japanese FM to come visit.

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What a loser of a country."

Considering the weight China carries in 21st century its hardly a looser country.. why do you hate China so much in all of your comments? disclaimer...I'm not a fan of a Chinese govt and it's human rights record by any means but some of the right wing commenters hate on here is off the scale.

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What a loser of a country.

You mean the country that displaced Japan as the world's second largest economy?

Is that the bee in your bonnet?

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