Japan, France affirm security cooperation


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Suga and Macron exchanged views on the issue involving Vincent Fichot, a 39-year-old French national who says his Japanese wife ran off with his two children.

So, was there any substance to this " exchange of views" or is it just so they can say they touched on the issue and allow this injustice to continue?

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Macron is finished. French streets are full of protest and the country is falling apart. France is a third rate power. It can play almost no role in Asia.

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I'm only worried about Vincent, and all the child abductions.

There is 150 new child abductions in Japan every year.

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France is a third rate power. It can play almost no role in Asia.

No they are not. They are a Nuclear power and a permanent member of the UN security council and they have a credible navy that include aircraft carriers. They are no superpower but they are a second tier power that should not be discounted if they join the US and others in the Indo-Pacific alliance.

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any word abt that french guy on hunger strike?

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@Tara Tan Kitaoka

France has sent, and has promised Japan that they will continue to send heavy-duty naval warfare equipment to Japan for military exercises. France has territories still today in the South Pacific, and wants to keep the current order in the Pacific. They want to help check China's expansion into the Pacific. What's not clear is how France intends to work together with the US-Japan joint military operations under the US-Japan Security Treaty since they are not a signatory.

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