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Gov't submits to Diet record extra ¥31.91 tril budget for virus relief


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How much paper work and red tape is needed to get any of this support will be the next big issue.

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The problem In Japan is that the government doesn’t differentiate between public and private leading to massive benefits for some and none for others-almost like a feudal society...

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Forms to fill out, documents to submit, and nigh endless processing to access a tiny fraction of this money for the people. For Japan Inc. , a torrent of funds with the transfer of digits on a computer screen.

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The online form for 1 million Yen subsidy is only for persons running a business on their own (no employees, like yours truly) and using the blue or white tax return. You can apply if your sales went south more than 50% for a designated month as compared to the same month last year. You can choose yourself which month. You need to attach copy of last year’s final tax return and 2 copies of that piece of paper stating sales and expenses. A copy of a piece of paper stating sales you made for that designated month. Also copy of 1st and 2nd page of bank book, copy of identification papers (front and back) and a pledge that you don’t try to screw the system. People might come banging on your door to check your paperwork. It’s all in Japanese, but pretty easy if you don’t skip the “preparation” bit. If you have employees, you indeed have to run the gauntlet so to speak in order to get any financial support.

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under which authority and agreement ABE will distribute fake printed money to medical personals?? . stop to pay your tax and finance this circus . ABE is printing non-stop illegally.

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Just what Japan needs.  more borrowing, more money printing, more pork.  A once proud nation flushing itself down the toilet.

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zichiToday  06:18 pm JST

Where is the accountability for these massive sums?

Businesses needing support must submit a 90 page form, with hanko.

beg to differ, but my son submitted with photo copies of last year tax paper, copy of business license, copy of bank book and drivers license. He is a business owner.

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