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Gov't to subsidize mask makers amid supply crunch


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See people? There’s no need to freak out about a shortage of masks.

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And stock prices for these companies have been going nuts!

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Money is not going to help address a production problem, unless it is used to raise wages at existing factories. The virus will run its course while the factories will be built, which will then be mothballed, or their production will have result in lowered prices and profitability. The govt should stop meddling and micromanaging.

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@expat is right. This will only further line their pockets. They are making money and will won't spend any more money really to further produce anything. Also, they will ramp up the price of these masks.

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With a bit of foresight our fearless leaders could have had a emergency stockpile of these ready for just such an occasion.

They last forever, are feather light and dirt cheap to make.

Why is there no emergency stock?

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The free market sent a signal to produce more masks, wtf is the government doing here besides being reactive.

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Check out the lines of non-Japanese queueing up in the mornings and casing drug stores and shops, collaborating in gangs, when one identifies a shop with masks they text or call their associates who upon receiving the message break from the line they are in and high tail it to wherever has the masks.  They are making a ton selling them on the black market. The percentage of the masks staying in Japan is pretty low.   Best solution would be to print a Rising Sun Flag on the front of the mask.  See how many will resell to China with that on the front !

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They are making a ton selling them on the black market

Really? The black market? You aware we are talking about everyday facemasks right? Same ones being resold on resale sights such as MeriCari. The black market?

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Mask are not gonna stop the spread, eating Sushi that has been contaminated by a Wuhan carrier in restaurants, restaurant are excellent carrier of diseases

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Well, instead of subsidizing, the govt could buy the masks, then give for free or offer at well below retail value.

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