Lower house passes bill to ban malicious donation solicitations


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Will donations to political groups come under scrutiny as well?

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Is this restricted to religious organisation or would it include political organisations such as the LDP?

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I’m still waiting for someone to pay the ¥2,000 public smoking fine in my area. Don’t have much hope this new ‘law’ will have any teeth.

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Wow, so that means no more bribes from politicians and business people for favors.

Japan's lower house on Thursday passed a bill to ban organizations from maliciously soliciting donations, following controversy over the fundraising practices of the Unification Church.

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Who wrote the bill The Onion

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it is amazing how a single murderer can change govt policies. The govt actually made That felon successful in his objective to hurt the unification church. Church donations like donations to the temples and shrines I believe are voluntary.

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