Japan pitches high quality infrastructure exports to central Asia


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Stupid "high quality infrastructure" name. It is better called a part of silver road. Japan can't surpass China to reach out to central Asia. It never happened in ancient time, it is not possible now, and it will never occur in the future. Just be honest, Japan, your destination is in China, the unchangeable fate.

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Japan is too late. Dinosaurs in control.

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We are in debts, where will the money come from exactly??

China is rich with no debts, see the equation?

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It is better to owe money to the Japanese than the Chinese. When Sri Lanka was unable to make payments to China, they had to concede rights to a port to the Chinese, including the Chinese Navy. I suspect the Chinese intentionally structure their deals to be un-payable, in order to gain military advantages. I don't see the Japanese looking to assert military advantage through a campaign of loans for infrastructure improvements.

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The one belt one road thingy PRC is promoting is a mess with nations withdrawing from projects including Pakistan and Laos.

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1glenn, Sri Lanka president visited China recently twice within one week. It will never happen to Japan. Dose it tell you something ? You didn't lie that Japan won't assert military advantage through a campaign of loans, Japan will conquer, by all means.

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@Kenji. Please give me a job, I like your way to sum things up. Japan needs to think outside the box...

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China is rich with no debts. Didn’t know that. Anyway, most of that money stays in Japan, building home businesses; IOW, it’s a back door to sponsoring national companies. You won’t see many ‘Made in China’ goods.

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