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Japan pledges $40 mil to ADB fund for infrastructure development


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about how much infrastructure can you build for 40 million USD?

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Only 20 million US$ per year? Is it for "infrastructure?" sure?

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Aso, open, and transparent don't belong until eh same sentence.

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And, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Tell me again how many people are without permanent housing or financial support in Tohoku and Kumamoto. I wonder what they are trying to buy with these donations.

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They should use that money to fund my national pension account first.

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May be too cynical but most of the roads and bridges I've seen in Asian countries with a big "Paid for by Japan " plaques seem more intent of gaining access to rainforests to help satisfy Japan's appetite huge of SE Asian timber rather than helping the local populations.

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Continued evidence that the suffering of rebuilding in Japan after earthquakes takes a back seat to corporate subsidizing international funding. What the...

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I'm getting a little tired of people giving my money away.

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Helping to relieve the poverty in Asia; it was just too bad that no poverty-struck people attended the conference to explain just what they needed, Just the usual affluent 'Lords of Poverty' in their pin-striped suits running from one sponsored lunch to the next, stopping only to look for somewhere to charge their iPhones and laptops, and get a slice of the budget pie for their organisations. They decided what the poor needed!

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$40mil that must equate to half a years MP salary not so much, or 40 min painting time on the presses.

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What? Compared to the billions provided by the Chinese? Face it, japan's time passed. There's a new sherrif in town and no throwing money down the well is going to change that. Tohoku? What disaster?

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They should use that money to fund my national pension account first.

You have special needs or something do you? I want to pay taxes to help the needy but not for the purpose of paying others.

Fortunately this small amount of money sounds like a token amount, and was probably already earmarked for spending in the 'budget'. Just a shame that they are budgeting to spend 30 trillion yen more than they can afford each year.

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