Kishida eyes trip to Southeast Asia, Europe during Golden Week


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Doesn't he know everything will be pricey and crowded during Golden Week?

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Traveling during golden week, good that Japanese has it's own Japan's new government, no need to worry about price hike during golden week.

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He will visit South East Asia and talk about the Ukraine invasion .

But will he mention Japan's expansion efforts and atrocities in that area that happened not that long ago ?

I imagine South East Asia countries are very nervous of Japan's quest to rise up as a military power and leader of Asia.

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I imagine South East Asia countries are very nervous of Japan's quest to rise up as a military power and leader of Asia.

It could well be there are some still wary, but I imagine (a word used to hedge when people do not have hard information, just opinions) there are more in SE Asia and elsewhere) that have come to see Japan as a peaceful nation, but based on recent events view Russia and China, maybe the USA, as military powers to be concerned about.

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There's only one reason that Japan became pacifist and it wasn't their choice.

Certainly not pacifist anymore.

I wont assume to comment on how other Asian countries truly view Japan as i don't know them all personally.

The way Japan presents itself to the global community and the way Japan truly is can only be experienced after years of living here.

Peaceful between Japanese only perhaps is more accurate.

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nice present for his hardwork for his country/irony off/

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Him and plenty of other oyaji. Going for a "golf break"

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Good job Kishida.

Take your little “work trip” during the most expensive time of the year.

Tax Payers are footing the bill, so make sure you fly first class, and stay at only five star hotels. Nothing is too good for you………..

Don’t worry, no tourists will be coming into Japan during that time, so you should have shorter lines then.

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kyo wa heiwa@ I don’t see any evidence of Japan having any secret hidden nefarious agendas , and eternally bringing up past atrocities seems like a clever but underhand tactic to try and delegitimize their efforts to play a vitally needed stabilizing role in the region and world. They still hold a lot of clout on the international stage and am hoping that they can be the guys to bring balance to the region. Someone’s gunna have to do it, because the consequences of China and the West clashing head on would be a lose lose situation for everyone. The stakes simply couldn’t be higher.

I know it can be frustrating living here sometimes, but these statesmen are not your average Jo Tanaka Kacho who survives by bullying people in his office, these guys are well educated , sophisticated, high performing elite diplomats that can walk with their heads high in any circles. You shouldn’t conflate the two. When you need to talk down on anyone though, I guess you should check your own agendas, self esteem and confidence. Where does the need to dismiss someone’s efforts really come from?

Am hoping Japan can rise to the occasion in the coming years and bring some calm headed, pragmatic and dignified approaches to a potentially dangerous situation. Everyone’s expanding their militaries in a time that we should be focusing on so much more. What a waste of time, energy and precious resources. Peace is hard.

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Ah yes an Abe-like junket... They grow up so fast

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How about going to Russia and meeting Putin to push for a diplomatic resolution? He can video-conference the SE Asians with his US cue cards. But I guess his wife can enjoy a first class trip to Europe away from GW traffic jams.

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Kishida must be excited for his kaigai ryokou

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Doesn't he know everything will be pricey and crowded during Golden Week?

He's not paying for it out of his wallet, it's coming out of the taxpayer. So why would he care?

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Off on his hols is he ;)

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While the coronavirus pandemic long stalled in-person meetings, Kishida, who took office in October, has been increasing face-to-face diplomacy after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

When Kishida travels he will have use of the Japan’s state not ONE but TWO 747-400s to travel overseas.

During the pandemic there were plenty of overseas trip for G-7 and the COP conference etc.

An entourage of journalists, secretaries, bureaucrats et al will travel wherever for as little as a day’s meeting.

On board photocopiers and fax machines will also be lugged around.

As some posters have stated that it is not your average Japanese on their short vacations but the PM


in the era of better technology and online meetings,

what is evident is that governments not only in Japan but overseas have scant regard for the environment but their own self aggrandizing.

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Japanese globe trotting enables what exactly?I remember Abe visiting Iran whilst Japanese ships were being attacked in the region.

His ‘face-to-face’ costly diplomacy counted for nothing but squirming embarrassment…

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Kishida eyes trip to Southeast Asia, Europe during Golden Week

Of course. That's all it is. A trip under the guise of diplomacy

In Europe, Kishida is expected to discuss how to respond to Russia's continued aggression in Ukraine and support people who have fled the war-torn country, according to the sources.

horse manure. He's going to do whatever the US orders him to.

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Prime-minister Kishida, it is best to stay in Japan and slove the Corona virus problem.

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He can fly to wherever he wants, of course. But he should better leave our already smaller purses and microscopic small wage hikes at home and not take into the plane to distribute globally. lol

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I imagine South East Asia countries are very nervous of Japan's quest to rise up as a military power and leader of Asia.

@kyo wa heiwa. LOL. You must be so ignorant about the world. Probably your school text book must have educated you that all South East Asians are poor thus afraid of Japan. LOL

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Begging ASEAN to notice a fading Japan.

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