Kishida says he will strengthen medical system for COVID patients


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I am not inspired when the PM says he will decree how many hospital beds there shall be.

Shouldn’t these sorts of decisions be left to the decentralized free markets to decide? That’s what normally works to provide people with goods and services right?

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The de-centralized free market? There is no decentralized free market. As a posit for medical services, it is basely absurd. Let alone, it belies a complete ignorance of economics and finance, along with governing policies and regulations. Nor is there a 'market mechanism' for such as a pandemic or contagion. Such does require a central authority as it is not necessarily a profit making enterprise. Certain business entities are not-for-profit, typically serving a social need or in business a trade association. However, the issue is P U B L I C H O S P I T A L S, which are funded by public monies and the incentive would be an increase in funding to provide more beds dedicated to SARSCoV-2. It would not impact private, for profit hospitals.

Seemingly, almost two years late for addressing SARSCoV-2.

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Kishida is considering increasing financial support to public hospitals in return for the hospitals' cooperation with the government's request to take in COVID-19 patients during emergencies.

Err, maybe I got it the wrong way around, but my understanding that that public hospitals (which are in minority in Japan) were the ones overrun by COVID while private ones (which are in majority in Japan) were those refusing to deal with COVID.

So, basically, the government intends to officialize public hospitals, which were already struggling on the COVID-front, to be in charge while the private ones get a free-out-of-jail card, correct?

According to people close to the prime minister, he wants to fund hospitals since many health care workers have quit their jobs during the pandemic.

Not withholding the fact that due to staff shortages are public hospitals more strained than before with the H-gov's solution to just throw more (tax-payers') cash at them to, like, "make it (somehow) work"?

On the other side, if public hospitals are again strained, will the public need to turn to private (and more expensive) hospitals for other treatments.

Long story short:

.public hospitals: shafted (again)

.public: shafted twice (on tax use and increasingly expensive medical care)

.private hospitals: saaaaaaafe

"I want to visit many different places and listen to voices (of the people) and work toward having that reflected in politics," he said.

I guess Kishida meant the voices of private hospitals association and pressure groups.

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There is no decentralized free market.

… m‘kay

Nor is there a 'market mechanism' for such as a pandemic or contagion

But central government knows better how to handle these things for an appropriately determined cost?

I vehemently disagree there.

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An absolute charlatan.

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Yep, more green tea from Fukushima, free of charge for all that are hospitalized.

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