Japan, S Korea arranging 1st security talks in 5 years in April


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Good news and hat's off to both Pres Yoon and PM Kishida. Eventually we will be seeing joint US/SK/JPN exercises.

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South Korea must make sincere apology to Japan about the issue of it's hostile action, happened in Dec 2018 against Japan's Patrol Plane P-1 . No matter how much of lies and sugar-coating SK ministry of national defense has piled up, which has NOTHING. NOTHING to prove their narrative real. Their LIES and EXCUSES have been so disgusting and childish. You don't have to be or to pretend to be a military specialist to tell you that.

And if SK wants real security cooperation from Japan, not half-minded one like we have no choice as our master says so..

then stop your stupid military drills around Takeshima.

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You all would be shocked how insane Moon was then, instructing much severe measure against Japanese patrol planes or any Japanese planes than against even Russian and CCP China, North Korean ones, in early 2019.

To the extent that even from inside Korean Navy, voices come up " Are we to engage into War against Japan?"

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The USS Nimitz will be engaging in exercises with both the JMSDF and ROK Navy shortly.

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