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Kishida to create 2 Cabinet minister posts to support startups, cut CO2


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Dubbing the efforts in decarbonization as a "green transformation" which will be branded "GX," Kishida vowed to deliver an "unprecedented support framework to spur massive long-term private sector investment" in carbon reduction industries.

Minister in Charge of Neologisms and Corporate Welfare for Green Vaporware projects.

Have seen a lot of promotion of "SDGs" around town, helpful reminders to conserve electricity and reduce your carbon footprint brought to you by one of the biggest government welfare queens, Dentsu.

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Yep more ministry conflabulation with no result. Another few friends on the staircase for a group photo. Job done. 10 points I say 10 points.

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Cabinet responsible for promoting startup businesses

It is just unbelievable a new ministry is created just for promoting start up, those it really

creating a new ministry for, what are the achievement of the digital ministry that was created

The cluelessnes is mind boggling.

Time to leave the sinking ship called Japan.

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Oh I wonder who will take up these positions?

Fossilized useless ojisan/Kishida's cronies is my guess.

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Cutting off Russian oil and gas, the decarbonisation first job will be restarting coal power plants. The startup guy will find that with Covid-19, inflation and worldwide distribution problems, nobody will have money so the money will go to new departments of the same old big companies.

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The new "Cabinet minister posts" is a start up that is only created for show. Nothing ever happens year after year. I have been hearing this for the last 22 years here in Tokyo. How can you realistically assist people to start up their own businesses when everything is against them in Japan? Norms. Attitudes. Negative performance for those who have tried in the past due to no experience and/or skill? There has to be a cultural shift for Japanese people to be entrepreneurial. Never going to happen. Not in my lifetime anyway.

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Good move PM Kishida. Wonderful news for our people.

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More false broken promises from Japan to curb its Co2 emissions.

Start with the stopping of burning household trash in incinerator tower's in residential areas .

Just hosting the USA military contributes to alot of Co2 emissions.

Not to mention gasoline combustion engine vehicle manufacturers.

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new ministerial posts within his Cabinet responsible for promoting startup businesses 

if I were starting up a business, central government is the last place I’d go looking for help.

If I were looking to get something for nothing, central government is the first place I’d go looking for that.

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Industry minister Koichi Hagiuda is expected to double as decarbonization minister, while Daishiro Yamagiwa, minister in charge of economic revitalization and coronavirus response, will likely concurrently hold the post of startup minister, a government source said.

'baito' then....

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