Japan to impose more sanctions on N Korea over missile tests


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a no brainer

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The five organizations include North Korea's Ministry of Rocket Industry and four trading firms, the Foreign Ministry said.

So up until today, NK "Ministry of Rocket Industry" has been free to trade with Japan?

The sanctions, it seems, have never been very thorough or comprehensive - just like those against fascist Russia. Disappointing.

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To what end? Install missile intercepts and hit one of them the NK shoots over Japan and it's game over for Kim. Sadly, no one has the balls.

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Well, America has bite. But Japan is like a baby poodle.

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The previous sanctions have been so successful..... LOL

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What they gonna do? Give an even MORE stern warning?

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These stories always irk me, whether it's the US or Japan.

The sanctions are against the North Korean Rocket Ministry. What the hell does that even mean?

Does that mean they were still doing business with the North Korean Rocket Ministry until yesterday?

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The previous sanctions have been so successful..... LOL

I didn't even know that there were some.

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let me ask-how about your sanctions from past-did they worked well?

or you just going to repeat same failure over and over again?

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Sanctions don’t work, they’re just wasting public funds…..need something more conclusive.

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Because the plethora of existing sanctions have been so effective?

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Later they realized that there is nothing but Words to put sanctions on.

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Japan said Tuesday it has decided to impose additional sanctions on North Korea by freezing the assets of five more organizations over their involvement in the country's nuclear and missile development programs.

Does This mean the government will take action against all the Pachinko parlours that are owned by the North Koreans? What will all the retired police officers do if they can't get cushy security jobs?

This would lead to a "Deeply Regrettable" situation as the government usually says in these situations.

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Wake me up when the J-gov cracks down on the pachinko parlor biz that puts billions of yen in the hands of North Koreans and retired police officers and LDP politicians slush funds, then I might take these 'sanctions' seriously

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Japan could easily intercept and shoot down those missiles using the US technology that they already have, however, that would expose our hand and reveal our technology. That is why we let them fly, waiting for a real threat. Let Little Kim teach us all about his missiles. The fool is playing chess against the masters.

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Sanctions don't mean anything as over 90% of North Korea's trade is with China and there's no way China is going to support sanctions on the North now unfortunately

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Seeing how the sanctions have had no effect preventing NK from being continously belligerent I can only think this is just a symbolic gesture to be on the good side of the South Korean (and US) government. It may help also that, in the worst case scenario, taking toothless measures is not going to make Japan the first target of NK if it decides to actually fire something for real.

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Japan could & should also conduct regular test rocket lights in waters close to North Korea's shores to tickle Fatboy Kim's triple chin.

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EastmanToday 09:40 am JST

let me ask-how about your sanctions from past-did they worked well?

They limit and restrict the ability of North Korea to buy modern weapons and to sell their own cheap knockoffs of less cheap Chinese knockoffs to African and middle eastern nations so their wars can become more deadly and frequent.

or you just going to repeat same failure over and over again?

They have clearly been successful of NK would not continually complain about them.

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Abolish pachinko casinos. Immediately after the war, when many Japanese soldiers had not yet returned from the war, most Japanese families were left with only the elderly, women and children. 

When the Occupation Forces took away Japan's police powers, these families were killed one by one by Korean illegal immigrants and pachinko casinos were built on their land.

Today, pachinko is one of the biggest sources of funding for North Korea's missile development, abductions and cybercrime.

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