Japan to increase investment in human resources, decarbonization


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Building a coal fired plant in China,that will fog the Tokyo skyline

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The world's third-largest economy

actually with India buying massive amounts of Russian oil and gas at a 22% discount, I think we will be the worlds forth-largest economy.

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Japanese politicians talk the talk but the walk is never taken…

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Well...they could start by stopping the burning of human waste plastic in the incinerator towers all over Japan in every city's residential areas.

All this nonsense about decarbonization and human resources whilst dumping radioactive water into the ocean and creation of a new environmental protection tax we will all have to pay is preposterous !

Japan isn't taking the decarbonization issue very seriously at all !

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That's correct india and China are purchasing massive amounts of petroleum and gas and making all the products we all purchase, alot of which originated from Russian resource.

So...many of us are actually supporting Russia and India and China and hypocriticaly contributing to fossil carbon dependance.

Its not just fuels and plastics and clothing but many medicines use benzene that's a derivative of petroleum.

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The blueprint inherited involving aggressing fiscal stimulus, while falling short of providing specifics on how to achieve Kishida's goal of promoting wealth distribution and addressing income inequality.

If I had a dollar every time LDP rolled out a pie in the sky plan or a blueprint promising XYZ, while not providing any specifics on how to achiever those goals ( therefore never achieving them 99% of the time ), well ...I,d be rolling in gold.

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The world's third-largest economy aims to push its primary balance -- tax revenues minus spending except debt-servicing costs -- into the black in the year through March 2026.

Hahaha...let us wipe those tears of laughter.

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