Japan, Turkey condemn Russia invasion of Ukraine


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Well, pretty hard to swallow from Japan given that they've just reversed their ban on crab and similar products imported from Russia because it "interferes with Japanese lifestyle".

Perhaps they can explain that and why Japan Tobacco is still working in Russia.

Kishida: Thank you so much for seeing us, President Zelensky, and agreeing to address the DIET. We support you 100% and condemn Russia, with a few exceptions. My wife, for example, made a reservation for a kani-tour with her friends and I would sure get in a lot of trouble if she had to cancel as a result of our banning Russian imports! Can you imagine?? And you must agree even Russians need cigarettes. Now, please... tell us about the suffering and heroism in Ukraine.

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Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu on Saturday condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine

A very public and very plain condemning of Russian actions in Ukraine.

Hard luck to the Pro Russian sector that promote and support this deadly invasion and make excuses for the murder of Ukrainian people, young and old, in Ukraine by foreign invaders.

To the Russians protesting their governments actions, and the mothers of the soldier conscripts sent to their deaths at Putin's whims I commiserate with you and urge your continued opposition to Putin and everything he stands for, and thank you for the risks you take in doing the right thing.

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That is the first time the Turks have condemned the invasion. Up till now they have been silent as Turkey remains reliant on Russian gas, oil, wheat and Russia is building Turkey's first nuclear reactor.

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DT you say: "Russia is building Turkey's first nuclear reactor."

If thats true Russia are likely to be the first targets of any development of Nuclear Weapons and itis further proof that Putin is loosing his judgment.

Turkey have always gotten away with absolutely everything (e.g. Kurdish & Armenian genocide). They have absolutely no standing to criticise anyone. Another Nuclear power benefiting from Putin's insane Ukraine invasion is Saudi. They get the Oil price boost, while they annihilate a third-world African country - and guess what- they get away with it too. We wont mention China.

World gets hysterical with one country (and its right to criticise Russia) but there are several other imperialist countries who need to be equally criticized.

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DT you say: "Russia is building Turkey's first nuclear reactor."

It is the first of three planned nuclear power sites. It gets even better. Mr. Erdogan has been railing for years about the injustice of Turkey not having nuclear weapons, saying for example in September 2019 that it was "unacceptable for nuclear-armed states to prohibit Turkey from attaining nuclear weapons".  He actually said that in a speech. And obtw, the Turks have an ongoing ballistic missile development program with much Chinese help.


This next link will curl your hair,


And then there is Turkey's support of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups and he IRGC Quds force .......

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