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Japan, U.S., Australia, Philippines to hold drill in South China Sea


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They should be holding drills over Chinese occupied islands in the SCS!!!

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The Taiwan Strait would be a nice location in the near future. Would be funny to watch China go on full alert like they were being invaded. Maybe China needs to appreciate how Taiwan feels when China drills all around it.

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For the longest time I had hoped that China would be a force for peace and prosperity in Asia, and indeed, throughout the world. So much for hopes and dreams.

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Everyone can do their drills in high seas. After they were gone, the Chinese navy will do similar!

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Taiwan should be included in these exercises too. Just to make it clear they are a very different country than Mainland China. Plus, Taiwan has clean water and clean air.

An EEZ isn't "high seas". It is a legal area recognized world-wide ... except by China.

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