Japan, Ukraine top diplomats agree to keep strong sanctions on Russia


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The sanctions are having a greater negative effect on Japan than Russia. Russians can't buy Prius cars but Japan is still buying oil, gas, fish, metals and much more and paying much more for it than before the sanctions. Uni Qlo closed but it's not as if Russians can't but Bangladeshi, slave labor made clothing in other shops.

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there has been a spate of similar meetings of global talking heads of late it seems, that's to say, meetings to confirm that we agree to continue to agree, on "sanctions" on Russia (as long as they don't interfere with our lifestyle and economics too much).... and.... the importance of the Indo-Pacific region, along the lines of: "the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific region are inseparable, and [ ... ] any attempts to unilaterally alter the status quo by force are unacceptable anywhere in the world". meanwhile... all the problems of the world continue, as always.....

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remain united in maintaining strong sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine

please explain how sanctions on Russia have worked Mr Kishida? We are pumping unaudited money and weapons into the most corrupt country in Europe, who gives us absolutely nothing in return except high inflation, increased child poverty, worldwide transit problems and a ¥130. I’ve had to cut down expenses by 20% because of Ukraine. Or pay up to 20% more.

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@Rodney, Russia is experiencing a decline in GDP somewhere between 10-15%. They are not making automobiles or trucks. Two tank plants are closed so Russia is unable to build anything to replace their combat losses. Due to sanctions the Russian military has had to resort to cannibalizing semiconductors from household appliances to repair their military hardware. Since most of their airliners are US or EU made and use US and EU manufactured engines and avionics they can no longer obtain spares. They have to shut some planes down and cannibalize them to keep others running. At some point you run out of airplanes to cannibalize. Not tomorrow, not next month but over time the number of safe, in service aircraft declines. Those HUMVEE looking Gaz Tigr 4X4 trucks you see getting blown to crap in Ukraine all use Cummins turbodiesels, same engine used in Ram pick ups. They won't have service parts for them soon enough. Most of them have Allison or Chrysler automatic transmissions that will become unserviceable when there are no repair parts or filters available for them. Some of the cab over engine Kamaz trucks have Cummins engines as well and will face the same fate as parts are now unavailable for them. Russia is losing equipment much faster than it can replace it and sanctions are a major reason why.

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Desert TortoiseToday 08:41 am JST

Wow, you must be privy to so much secret information on the state of Russia. Did you find all this on BBC, Mail online. CNN. TV etc. ?

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Desert Tortoise: excellent posting!

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Japan cutting 1.1% of its imports must be really smashing Russia's economy. That along with halting its oil imports "in principal" which actually means to keep importing but feel bad about it.

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Squeeze Russia, arm the Ukrainians!

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Tortoise , Russian are using chip from Refrigerator,Washer and other household appliances to put together their missile Google Russian Electronics Chip Problem

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Turkey . . . Belarus. . . What’s the difference? Putin’s Puppets.

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The international community is not united. If you ignore the positions of China, India, Turkey, Hungary and others, then you're just blind.

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Wow, you must be privy to so much secret information on the state of Russia. Did you find all this on BBC, Mail online. CNN. TV etc. ?

None of those. If you have followed events in Russia and before that the Soviet Union you knew that the Russians had let a lot of foreign automobile and engine manufacturers like Caterpillar set up shop in Russia. Those are now all closed. The engines in Russian trucks are not any kind of secret. There are a half dozen reputable websites with descriptions of the military hardware of just about every armaments building nation. The stories about the Russians having to cannibalize household appliances for semiconductors was on CBS, along with mention that two tank plants are close for lack of certain currently sanctioned components. The matter of their airliners has been in the press since February. The Russians are stiff arming the firms they leased the jets from but because of this they can't fly them outside of Russia without risking their jets being repossessed. Lacking access to consumable spares and repair parts they will be forced to cannibalize working aircraft, making them hard down, to keep others flying. That can only go on so long. I've spent much of my life around aviation so I don't need CNN to tell me what happens when an operator can no longer get consumable spares and repair parts. Airplanes are on regular inspection cycles and during those inspections parts are replaced as part of the process. Components have fixed service lives or maximum times between overhaul. When the part hits the specified number of hours they must be replaced or sent back for overhaul, which also requires spares to accomplish. No parts, you can't replace those life limited parts, you fail inspection and your plane is down. Same thing for trucks, tanks, ships and even missiles. I don't need CNN to understand this. My life has involved either flying airplanes or some aspect of their sustainment. I also ran the maintenance operation for a 120 power unit tank truck fleet with four shops in three states. It's what I know. How about you?

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Sueeeeeeze Russia until it’s head pops off and by head that means Putin.

He must be so paranoid by now imagining potential coups all around him.

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“The international community is not united.” To be classified as a member of the international community you must qualify first. History of slavery, white, colonialist, imperialist, center right, rich, Christian….

difficult to understand how japan is included, or UAE or Saudi.

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Japan stop taking sides.

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Japan stop taking sides.

Maybe if someone is mugging you or beating you up in public I'll just "stop taking sides", mind my own business and walk away. Is that how your values work?

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Japan, Ukraine top diplomats agree to keep strong sanctions on Russia:

Such superfluous stuff.

Perhaps for no better reason than to show that Japan may have been overtly & overly emphasizing the need of sanctions against Russia on US behalf.

What inconsequential diplomacy..

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